Top UAE drift star Ahmad Daham unveils most powerful car

Ahmad Daham with his car
Ahmad Daham with his car

Developed the most advanced drift car on the planet in the United Arab Emirates

By David Light

Published: Mon 27 Jul 2020, 8:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 31 Jul 2020, 2:46 PM

In a country where drifting is at peak popularity, when Jordan-born UAE sensation Ahmad Daham collaborates with local designers to create his most advanced car, we sit up and take notice. Unveiled today, the Red Bull athlete's latest FIA Drift-spec machine is a 1,200hp Lexus RC F-based weapon weighing 1250kg - covered in a bespoke featherweight carbon kevlar body shell. Teaming up with the UAE's Al-Futtaim Motors to develop the machine, we caught up with the five times Middle East championship title winner to find out more.

How did you find the whole experience of the build and what input did you have on the design?
The experience was challenging since the platform that I chose to go with has never been done before, and this what makes the build very unique, The first RC F built last year was more challenging since it was the first ever to be built as a drift car in the world, this time the challenge is to improve what we have done last year to the RC F V8 car and make it much better which is a challenge on its own. The element that I'm most excited about is the carbon kevlar body for the car as it made the car way lighter than the first one. 
Do you think other competitors will be surprised at the quality of craftsmanship coming out of the UAE? 
Usually for such unique builds, people would go to Europe or countries outside the Middle East. I am glad we were able to build everything here in UAE and Jordan. This can show how the drifting game is evolving in the Middle East exponentially. 

What makes this model of car so good for drifting? How have drifting cars evolved during your time with the sport? 
What makes Lexus so good is the uniqueness excitement infused with strength and reliability. Drift cars evolve all the time, many new parts come onto the market that improves the driver's ability to drift or keep the momentum of drifting. Angle kits were re-engineered to give more angle for some crazy backward entry. Tyres were specifically made for drifting such as the Toyo Tires Proxes, which is only made for drifting
How does it feel to represent the Middle East in this sport and more specifically how does being linked with the UAE help your career? 
It's an honour for me to represent the Middle East in several competitions and it also a big responsibility to always show the best out of the Middle East such as the UAE. I have lived here for a long period of time and it helped me to be where I am today with their support. In fact every country in the Middle East helped me somehow become the drifter I am now.
What are your hopes for the upcoming tournaments?
I hope the car will perform internationally with no teething issues once the season kicks off and the field is competitive. Drivers are getting stronger every year. Young drivers are now learning how to drift at an early stage. It was difficult for me at that time at the age of 14 or 15 to even drive a car, so I can only imagine these young athletes will become champions by the time they grow up. Some already are! 
What would your advice be for anyone looking to get into drifting?
The first step is to start with the simulator to understand the physics of drifting. If you can get yourself a drift car then practice, practice and practice. Practice makes perfect.  

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