IPL 2020 Exclusive: Youngsters are shaping a new beginning, writes Ramiz Raja


Rajasthan Royals batsmen Rahul Tewatia and Riyan Parag. (IPL)
Rajasthan Royals batsmen Rahul Tewatia and Riyan Parag. (IPL)

It's a game of survival, to hold on to their dreams of a better life

By Ramiz Raja

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Published: Fri 16 Oct 2020, 12:03 AM

The great thing about talent is that it can jump the queue. There's no pecking order. If you have it you can own the principal seat in the house, in an instant. It doesn't matter who you are and where you come from. Your skills can bin the set perception of stage and limelight belonging to a chosen few, a point sledgehammered by Rahul Tewatia.
A guy from the country, so to speak, takes to the stage and nails it. There is something about such non regulars daring the system. It could be that the humility of their surroundings propels them to play above themselves, to not let go of a life changing opportunity.
They say that when you are in the danger of being mowed down by a fast moving car, your pituitary gland reacts frantically and there is a tenfold increase in the reach of your jump to avoid the hit, to breathe and live.
It's the same mechanics at play with such kids. It's a game of survival, to hold on to their dreams of a better life!
And so you see why a Tewatia, a Jaiswal, a Parag do not let go of the stage! It's the purpose and clarity whilst playing under pressure, and being your natural self, which in Tewatia's case, is living on the edge with brute aggression, that is gobsmackingly brilliant.
It's like he is telling himself that surviving against the odds is no more than a routine chore and therefore this is so doable.
The absolute urge to not be boxed back to the previous life is a motivator to success. Jaiswal from a street hawker selling Gol Gappas to make ends meet, to now opening the innings for his team in IPL is a dream story.
And I bet that every day he pinches himself to believe how far he has come, telling himself just one thing: don't look back, can't look back! There is this stubbornness of purpose that has to be respected and such a talent has to be given time to blossom even if it is met with a couple of failures.
The hard lessons of life learnt at a young age has helped them to understand the value of an opportunity. They are shaping a new beginning for themselves and it's a privilege to watch them do it, to see them climb the Everest without the supplemental oxygen!

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