How a pro golfer’s passion for cricket inspired him to create the ultimate indoor game

Asian Games gold medallist Shiv Kapur says the power and precision of Six20 CRICKET is unrivalled in the world of entertainment

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Shiv Kapur (R) and Rohit Sharma share a common passion for golf and cricket. - Supplied Photo
Shiv Kapur (R) and Rohit Sharma share a common passion for golf and cricket. - Supplied Photo

Published: Tue 13 Jun 2023, 4:13 PM

Leslie Wilson Jr

A professional golfer from India hopes to redefine the indoor cricket simulator experience with a revolutionary new game that he has conceptualised and created here in Dubai.

Shiva Kapur, an Asian Games gold medallist, and Asian Tour veteran aims to take the simulator environment to a whole new level with the concept he has created called Six20 CRICKET, which he describes as an ‘immersive, interactive cricket experience for all abilities and ages.’

Every session at Six20, every shot you make, and every match you play will remain true to the game which is presented in stunning detail and supported by unerring bat and ball data that employs multi-sensor technology.

The Six20 idea was born when Kapur and entrepreneur Rohit Gupta met on a golf course in Dubai where strange as it may seem, they would discover their common passion for cricket.

Having both grown up in India it was inevitable that cricket was their passion and what led to them conceptualising a VR game for the ages.

Kapur, who is based in Dubai, discussed the concept behind Six20 and its cutting-edge technology with Khaleej Times.

Shiv Kapur of India is a former Asian Games gold medallist. - AFP
Shiv Kapur of India is a former Asian Games gold medallist. - AFP

“Many of us play cricket at school in our youth, but because of the lack of opportunities, time, inability to be part of a team and so many other reasons, we do not continue to participate in the game and just become spectators – but always remain fans,” he said.

Kapur said that when Gupta discussed the Six20 concept it was an ‘immediate no-brainer.’

“Our Initial flagship locations will present 16 separate bays with eight on the ground floor, and eight on the upper floor,” said Kapur.

“Following our extensive initial research this will be the first of its kind anywhere in the world. We have seen batting cages, indoor cricket facilities, and cricket simulators but SIX2O CRICKET, in our opinion, will redefine how cricket is enjoyed.”

Gupta is the business brain behind the project which has been in development for over two years, and is set to be launched before the end of 2023 to coincide with the Cricket World Cup which will be hosted in India.

“We have developed the concept and all our own in-house SIX2O CRICKET technology from scratch.” said, Gupta.

“For example, our bowling machines deliver the balls at various speeds and spin rates, dependent on the batter’s ability. Our cricket ball tracking technology uses world-class algorithms combined with computer vision to produce accurate results.”

Kapur and Gupta are confident that SIX2O CRICKET will create a significant buzz in the cricket world.

“We are in the development stage for a unique SIX2O CRICKET glow ball and we’ve been fortunate to confirm a high-end bat manufacture partnership," said Kapur, who is also the recipient of an Arjuna Award, India's highest sporting honour.

“People in various parts of the world are collaborating on different elements of the project as Shiv and I put the finishing touches to the concept and launch venues.”

Kapur revealed that Six20 will be rolled out in Dubai and the Middle East, after its inaugural launch in Dehradun in North India.

“We already have partners in America, where the Cricket World Cup will be hosted next year and impressively, a cricket league is currently being set up,” he said.

Kapur also said that top cricket players, cricket coaches, and industry veterans ‘all 'love it.’

For serious cricketers, the ‘Test Cricket Bays’ can be used to face the fastest and best bowlers in the world, allowing players the opportunity to be pad-up and test their nerves.

Kapur confirmed that he and Gupta are currently in discussions to identify a location for Six20’s first Dubai venue.

"In three years we plan to have over a dozen SIX2O CRICKET facilities in India, Dubai, and around the world," he sai.d

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