Fans wait for Federer fiesta in Dubai

Fans wait for Federer fiesta in Dubai
Roger Federer carries the Australian Open trophy and greets fans during his arrival at Zurich Airport, in Kloten, Switzerland

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Published: Wed 31 Jan 2018, 8:57 PM

Last updated: Thu 1 Feb 2018, 11:16 PM


After Roger Federer showed an interest in playing at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships later this month, his fans in the region can't wait to see their favourite star live at the stadium.
Of course, the 36-year-old Federer will wait until next week to decide on his participation in the Dubai tournament.
"We were in talks with them (Dubai organisers) but when the (Australian Open) tournament started, I just said 'look, if it's okay, I'd like to decide after the tournament'," Federer was quoted as saying by Reuters on Monday.
"That's an ideal scenario for me. After the tournament, I'll know how I feel... did I come out injured or not?
"So now we know what the situation is. It's possible I'll play in Dubai but it's also possible that maybe I just don't play anything. It depends on how the next week or so goes. Then I'll make a decision," Federer said after winning the 20th Grand Slam title of his career at the Australian Open on Sunday.
Federer, always a crowd favourite in Dubai, has won the tournament here seven times in the past. Overall, he has played nine finals since making his debut at the desert tennis tournament in 2002.
"We are delighted to see Roger Federer win a historic 20th Grand Slam in Australia and congratulate him on his efforts. Roger has indicated that he will make a decision in the near future about his upcoming schedule. We wish him all the best." Salah Tahlak, tournament director of the Dubai Tennis Championships, told Khaleej Times.
Dubai remains one of Federer's favourite tournaments and it was here in 2005 that he played the famous exhibition match with Andre Agassi on the Burj Al Arab helipad in 2005.
"I really love this tournament and the organisers do a great job here. I have seen this tournament grow into something very beautiful over the years," Federer had said few years ago during a post-match press conference at the Dubai tournament.
Another Dubai appearance from him will make it more memorable for his fans in the UAE.
It would be wonderful if Roger Federer plays in Dubai. I have only seen him on TV. What he has done in the last 12 months is incredible. He has lost a few matches, but it's simply amazing how he has won three Grand Slams since the start of 2017. If he plays in Dubai, I will definitely buy tickets to watch him live in the stadium.
Nathan Gomes
He is the greatest of all time. Roger Federer has what his rivals lack; he is and always will be the most dominant player. I hopes he comes to Dubai. It would be amazing as it will give me a lifetime chance to see him play.
Achutanunni Rajendran
I have seen Roger Federer twice live in Dubai. I came all the way from Muscat to watch him play. If he decides to play at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships later this month, I will be there 100% again.
Murali Pillai
I have been to Dubai for the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships in the past and would love to see Roger Federer. I hopes he comes to one of his favourite tournaments again. It will be amazing to see him play, especially after his 20th Grand Slam. If he comes, I will be in Dubai for sure to watch him live.
Nitin Khimji
Yes, sure Roger is a legend and it's always a treat to watch a legend play, especially in Dubai. A player of Roger's calibre comes along once in a lifetime, someone who has won 10% of the Open era Grand Slam
Jeevan Aranha
Dubai loves Roger and Roger loves Dubai. As a die-hard fan of this great ambassador of tennis, I would not only love to see him play in Dubai, but it would be out of the world to meet him. He is a living legend and the world has run out of superlatives to describe him
Ronnie Pereira
I have watched all of Roger Federer's Grand Slam triumphs in the past 7-8 years. I am one of his biggest fans and it's always such a joy to watch him play his effortless tennis. I was so happy when he won his 20th Grand Slam in Australia. If he plays in Dubai, I will be the first person at the stadium
Dishang Mehta
I have grown on Roger Federer. He is not only a great champion, he is also so humane. He always helps the youngsters and his humility is a lesson for everyone. I have seen him play in Dubai. Hopefully he will come back this month. This could be the last time we get to see him in Dubai. I am not going to miss this chance.
Zohaib Hussain

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