Bryson and Bailey team up to add an exciting new dimension to the game of golf with their prototype clubs

The bespoke Avoda-designed irons have helped yield the results that are being admired by most players on the tour

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Bryson DeChambeau illustrating his iron skills on the golf course. - Instagram
Bryson DeChambeau illustrating his iron skills on the golf course. - Instagram

Published: Tue 18 Jun 2024, 7:54 PM

Tom Bailey, started making golf clubs as a hobby – primarily to build a better set of golf clubs just for himself.

Then his target was to sell 50 sets a year to fund his passion for golf and his company - Avoda golf. His business is promoted on a modest website –

It promotes Combo Length Clubs, Same Length Clubs and Apparel.

When LIV Golf’s Bryson DeChambeau hired him to build a prototype set of single-length irons, a specialist area for Bailey, made through 3-D printing to his exacting specifications with bulge and roll and put them in his bag – everything changed.

With the prototypes only being completed the week before The Masters this April - there seemed no rush.

The clubs were immediately approved by the golfing authorities the week of The Masters – and Bryson took a leap of faith and used them that week – he finished tied 6th.

He then played in the US PGA and finished 2nd before winning last week’s US Open at Pinehurst – the rest is history and Bryson’s golf clubs and Bryson are the talk of the town.

Bailey was recommended to Bryson by his longtime coach Mike Schy, and the first batches of Avoda clubs were built at Schy’s Academy at Dragon Fly Golf Club, California.

Single-length golf clubs with thicker grips were the first step for Bryson.

Then ito ncorporate bulge and roll into the face design of the irons.

Bulge and roll have traditionally been incorporated only in wood designs. The clubs are more aligned with a hybrid than an iron.

Bulge is the heel-toe curvature on a club face, and roll is the crown-sole curvature. Bryson believes that – this new iron design reduces the ‘gear effect’ on off-centre strikes and produces shots that finish closer to the intended target line.

No one can argue with that.

Bryson was perhaps initially thought of as a golfer with power – now his accuracy, intelligence course management and more importantly results are being admired by his peers and all golf fans.

Bailey commented: “Everything's been so nonstop that we haven't really had that chance yet to sit, pause and go right.”

What next for Bailey and Bryson?


Only time will tell but there is no questioning the impact of these new clubs - and Bryson’s recent success is nothing short of remarkable.

Will it translate into the mass market for golf manufacturers?

Let’s watch this space. Golf is all about trying to find a better and easier way to play, hit the ball (usually further) score lower and as a result, have fun – It has certainly added a new exciting conversation to the game – thanks to Bryson and Bailey

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