Balooshi gets a taste of Peruvian Dunes

Balooshi gets a taste of Peruvian Dunes
Mohammed Al Balooshi faced mechanical failure.

Lima - Emirati rider's Husqvarna 450 experienced some technical problems

Published: Tue 8 Jan 2019, 7:34 PM

Last updated: Tue 8 Jan 2019, 9:39 PM

The UAE rally rider Mohammed Al Balooshi faced a mechanical failure but rode smart race on a familiar terrain of desert dunes on the first day of the 41st edition of Dakar Rally in Peru on Tuesday.
Day 1 of the competition, which joined the city of Lima with Pisco in the Ica region, served as just an appetizer of what is anticipated to be the most technical Dakar in history. Tricky navigation completed the scenery, to make a day in which competitors had to adjust fast to get in rhythm for the next big challenges stage 2 will bring.
Al Balooshi's Husqvarna 450 experienced some technical problems during the liaison, with faulty petrol pump. The Emirati champion suffered difficulties with the petrol flow which costed him precious time. The team got quickly involved and guided Balooshi on the needed adjustments, so he could get back on the road and continue without major consequences.
The first day was a familiar terrain for Al Balooshi, having had the UAE desert as his playground all his life. Upon his arrival to the first bivouac in Pisco, he recapped on the first day of competition by saying: "Even though the stage was a bit short compared to standard rally race days, it was full of challenges. It was very technical and fast, as we rode at an average of 100 km per hour, with peaks of nearly 150. This is just the beginning, we have 9 more days to go, so I preferred to ride smart and do not take unnecessary risks. I chose to play it safe rather than pushing harder, and risk too much on day one."
Dakar will resume for Stage 2 "Pisco-San Juan de Marcona" with a total of 541 participants set out on this epic annual adventure with motorcycles starting behind the cars. Al Balooshi will be the 39th rider on the route for the 553km's of racing in day 2, as per his standing in the overall classification.

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