A friendly rant to reflect on: Where were you during the golf prize-giving ceremony?

Why is it so difficult for people to stay until the end of a tournament to end the closing ceremony

By Nick Tarratt, Khaleej Times Guest Golf Writer

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Sometimes, you win, and sometimes you lose, but please find the time to attend the prize giving ceremony. It's a lot of fun. - Supplied photo
Sometimes, you win, and sometimes you lose, but please find the time to attend the prize giving ceremony. It's a lot of fun. - Supplied photo

Published: Tue 28 Nov 2023, 6:41 PM

Last updated: Tue 28 Nov 2023, 7:31 PM

Having played golf at various levels around the world for well over 50 years and having been in the UAE for over 33 years, and currently enjoying my new ‘hobby role’ as Guest Golf Writer for Khaleej Times, I am now attending more and more golf events – but not too many as a prize winner!

Corporate Golf and Club and Open Golf Tournaments now seem to be happening and even overlapping almost every day at least.

As a dinosaur (veteran and experienced in a Dictionary sense) of the game, I am beginning to eventually accept round neck shirts and even flip flops in the Clubhouse, something that were a no-no all these years, but only just

However, my biggest annoyance these days seems to be the lack of attendance for prize presentation ceremonies, whether at a Corporate Golf or any golf event.

The mantra for Corporate Golf is surely, ‘Show up, play and attend the prize-giving function and say thank you in your own way to the host and sponsor.’

For Corporate Golf and other Club and Open Golf Tournaments, it seems that the standards of courtesy, are perhaps, sliding in the UAE and wider afield.

For a shotgun start, it is difficult to say I cannot stay till the end for a function. Yes, emergencies can happen, but there cannot be that many emergencies for so many people all the time. Can there?

It seems to be the case across the board - Juniors, Corporates and individuals from all Nationalities and all ages.

Courtesies and respect are at the heart of the game of golf – both on and off the golf course.

Just put yourself in the shoes of the Sponsor, Host or Club Organiser. They have spent time, effort as well and investment to make these golf activities happen.

So it would appear that it is only right the winners and attendees are present at the prize-giving ceremony.

If you know you cannot commit maybe to the full package of golf, and prizegiving – maybe it is right to decline and give someone else that opportunity. And I’m sure there will be takes.

But what is the solution?

Perhaps organisers and Clubs should look at it this way – present the first prize first – then, if they are not present it goes to the runner-up and so on.

Is it time to ‘name and shame’ these few who are spoiling it for the majority?

Perhaps not a ‘Rant’ – maybe just an observation.

Have a look in the mirror – are you one of these golfers? Perhaps it’s time to think about changing your ways and serving the game from beginning to end!

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