Watch: Ramadan crescent sighted in space, UAE astronaut shares beautiful video of sunset

The shining dot next to the crescent moon is believed to be Saturn, Sultan AlNeyadi explains

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Published: Fri 24 Mar 2023, 8:34 AM

Last updated: Fri 24 Mar 2023, 1:38 PM

UAE's own astronaut, Sultan AlNeyadi, has shared yet another video from space, delighting residents back on Earth.

This time, he shared a video showing the sun set and the Ramadan crescent in the dark skies.

Put up on his Twitter account late last night, AlNeyadi opened the video by greeting his followers and wishing them a blessed Ramadan.

He then counts his blessings and says that he is glad to have the opportunity to observe the holy month in space. AlNeyadi shows either side of the ISS and explains that while the sun is setting on one side, it is already pitch dark on the other.

Recording the marvellous phenomenon, he tells viewers that the sunset takes place for a mere 10 seconds, however, the sky looks similar to the Northern Lights that we see on Earth.

Describing the soon-to-come view, he adds that the sunset will make the sky change colour into a beautiful gold followed by red, for just 10 seconds.

In the 3-minute video, he also says that he is prohibited from looking directly at the sun as it may cause his eyes harm.

As the stars begin to appear after the deep red sunset, AlNeyadi shares that he hopes to see Hilal Ramadan.

Just a few seconds later, he zooms into the crescent, showing viewers the Ramadan crescent from space. The shining dot next to the crescent moon is believed to be Saturn, the astronaut explains.

He then ends the video on a positive note, saying that there is no better place than the International Space Station to see Hilal Ramadan.


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