Zoser: Pioneers of Geo-based services in the MENA region

Zoser: Pioneers of Geo-based services in the MENA region
Ahmed El Bohy, Chief Executive Officer, Zoser

Supercharging the experience between businesses and customers, the swiss firm empowers GIS players and technology companies with geodata.

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A Staff Reporter

Published: Thu 4 May 2017, 10:22 AM

Last updated: Thu 4 May 2017, 12:27 PM

Zoser AG is a leading Swiss GIS company, providing distinctive Geo-spatial business solutions. Operational in Egypt, the U.A.E, and Zurich, the firm implements new location features in business planning. CEO Ahmed El Bohy reflects on their journey, "When we started, a brand new technological system called GIS was transitioning from limited to open source, cloud-based, SAS model technology. This has led us towards different directions and we have discovered upstream and downstream ways of operating. Our focus currently is on two key elements, the first is to work on business directories, and drive them to the next level. On the other hand, we are enabling businesses to create an open source platform for ERPs, CRM through Zoser Business Concept. This concept is fuelled with our data; therefore, you are not only provided with a SAS model or just a CRM module, but you get CRM with the leads."
El Bohy, who studied urban planning at Cairo University, specialising in city planning, explains that locations play a very important role in the future of the business directories solutions. "Once you have a geographical perspective, it gives you an omniscient view. If you can view the areas where your competitors operate, and the ideal location where your business will flourish, you can accordingly map out the best option. One of our clients has termed working with us a "Sniper effect", since we have the most accurate locations to relay to them. We need to facilitate the regional demand for data so businesses are visible and exist. Zoser has GIS experts and large, to consolidate data and we consider ourselves right now, as we speak, one of the most comprehensive business data sources in Egypt and the UAE, and very soon to be launched in the Gulf. We have multi layers of clients.With our focus on SMEs as we want to assist them with more efficient operation models, based on the map. In my opinion, web existence for SMEs gives a huge push to GDP for any country, hence our goal is to make them easily discoverable and manage their presence online."
"Our process is straightforward, we find data, enrich it and make it accessible everywhere against subscriptions. In addition, our services such as yellow pages, Zoser maps are extremely popular with our clients. Primarily, we serve the consumer, and try to publish and help the community with the most searchable geo fencing data. For bigger corporations, we conduct research to find out layers of outsourced data, such as age group, gender and behaviour, and relate it to the geo base and profile of the product or service, which is to be launched. That information is then matched to the target audience based on which region they reside in, and where traffic is the most, giving clients what has been described as "the sniper effect" and the best ROI," explains the CEO.
Since the inception of Zoser, their mission was clear, "I believe very strongly that Zoser can be the driving force behind revolutionary projects and innovations. We have the capability, the will, and most importantly, futuristic ideas. Web existence for businesses in 2020 is one of the most crucial factors, as visibility will be imperative to create exceptional opportunities for new businesses. For Zoser, 2020 is not a benchmark; it is a starting point. What lies ahead after 2020 for the UAE? Looking ahead, the infrastructure has tremendous goals to be achieved from a data and visibility perspective, and we hope to be instrumental in attaining those targets, "concludes Ahmed.

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