Pocketful of wonder

Seasons come and go, but arm candy remains steady in every woman's wardrobe.

Published: Thu 24 Dec 2020, 6:19 PM

Compared to last year, we have spent a majority of our time behind closed doors due to the pandemic, but still kept a finger on the pulse of trends. Because fashion, that's why.

With the New Year just around the corner, and DSF sales taking over the city, we're totally ready to raise a toast (and totes!) to new beginnings and the latest trends. Spring 2021 styles, here we come!

Sweet treats

These are far beyond the pastel craze. Think unicorn fruit loops cereal, and you've got yourself an inkling of what's new in the colours department. Handbags in yummy candy shades are in, with bright peppermints, yellows, pinks and turquoise taking over. They're great as day gear and give a pop of colour

Super-size me

We've all been there; fab handbag but just not enough space. Well, the trendsetters have answered our prayers and come to the rescue with a super-size fad that should let you carry all essentials and more on-the-go. Renowned brands are proudly putting out XL sizes and we're gobbling it all up.

Do you mesh me?

Fruits and veggies are not the only things that are staying snuggly warm this season. The criss-cross weave, or the netted look is taking over the handbag department. It features an intricate blend of rope and leather with fabric for a sturdy statement. Some brands are incorporating fringes for a chic boho look.

Thirst quenchers

This year we've been more conscious of staying hydrated in hopes of boosting immunity. We're also on high alert of where we're drinking from, and so our pouches have evolved to help us keep our water bottles closer than ever. These come in standalone versions with pockets, as an add-on to your statement tote, and even built into waistbands.

The journal bag

Almost two-dimensional, these folder-type bags are giving minimalists a run for their money. With neatly lined slots for paper thin items and super basic essentials, the journal bag is more of a statement than a practical accessory (super-size me, anyone?). It's great for those who appreciate simplicity in life and want to maintain a tidy but chic look.


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