Classy with a twist

Stylist Kelly Lundberg, explains how to look your best this festive season with embellishments that are already in your wardrobe.

Published: Thu 24 Dec 2020, 6:33 PM

Stylist Kelly Lundberg, explains how to look your best this festive season with embellishments that are already in your wardrobe.

I know that I am not alone in that for many months we have been challenged with how we have had to adapt to what has been unprecedented times. It's made us all have a major rethink about everything and that also includes how we merge our fashion choices into the New Year and beyond. 

When it comes to fashion, I know I have made an extra effort in my style choices, I have still found opportunities to wear heels and do my hair and make-up. It's often the small things that matter the most to our sense of well-being.

As we head into the New Year, we are all facing smaller, socially distanced gatherings and this year rather then spending a fortune on a new outfit for one special evening I believe it makes sense to look at a more sustainable approach to our New Year looks. 

Traditionally, New Year has been all about sparkle and sequins, here's my top tips to not look like a Christmas bauble and how to create a look from what you may already have been wearing or have been given as a Christmas gift.

Pairing sequins with casual fabrics like cotton and denim is a great way to add some effortless sparkle.  One of my favourite looks is a sequin skirt, paired with a casual t-shirt and my go to sneakers of the year, golden goose. 

Keep jewellery and bold make-up to a minimum to avoid a look that's too busy and it's always good to think that less is more, one sequin piece at a time!

This year, velvet has graced the racks of high street stores from Zara and Mango to designer heavy weights the likes of Gucci, Saint Laurent and Mui Mui.  If a head-to-toe look is too much for your first time, a staple that I pull out every year is a velvet blazer.  Black is timeless but if you're looking for something with a bit of colour, try a deep green or burgundy. In the same way, you would dress down sequins, pair a velvet blazer with a white cotton shirt or a pair of trousers with an oversized knit.

If you're in favour of staying away from the cliché New Year look, swap up a silk slip dress, which you can dress up or down and it can also be easily styled throughout the coming year.  All Saints have a great collection and if you are looking for a basic colour collection of black or gold then Zara is a go to.

For a cool look, that works really well, then look then opt for a statement strapless top and jeans. To avoid making a look too casual, dress it up with a glitzy heel or a quirky clutch bag.

When it comes to heels go for platforms or block heels, it's the secret to wearing high heels for a long period of time. Choosing shoes with a platform or block heel also gives a nod to retro style and keeps comfort in mind.

Hair accessories are everywhere and you never can have too many!  Not only do they make the perfect little stocking they are one of the most affordable ways to style a new look.   From cute ultra-chic ribbons, jewelled headbands, clips layered or pearl bobby pins you can compliment any choice of hairstyle.

It is really important that whatever you are wearing you don't wear everything at once.  A sparkly dress, lots of jewellery, shiny makeup is a sure way of being overdone.

You've got your head to toe ensemble sorted, just one more thing to nail.   Often overlooked is the finishing touch to your feet and hands.  So if you're planning on finishing 2020 with complete style don't forget to top off your outfit with a perfect nail polish.  There really is something for everyone, but to avoid looking like a glitter ball opt for vibrant neon or a deep shade of red.  I am a big fan of Chanel's deep Bordeaux and Rouge Noir, long-lasting and guaranteed to complete your outfit.

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