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Great sound and creative design

The Geneva Sound System Model S is a stylish, attractive iPod speaker dock and function actually follows form in this case as it sounds as good as it looks but it comes at a high price.

for Mac

WHETHER YOU LIKE it or not, Microsoft Office is the standard package for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations on personal computers today, be it Mac or PC.

Nikon D300s is a significant update

AS THE “s” denotes, the D300s is a slightly updated version of the very successful D300. It keeps a number of features from the D300, including 12.3MP sensor, tough build quality, 3-inch LCD display, 51-point AF system, Live View and HDMI port.

Mobile phones top of household gadget waste

Our lives are increasingly full of electronics. From computers to mobile phones and gaming devices, we’re depending on these items to carry out work, study, entertain ourselves and just simply make things a bit easier.

to get

HD or High Definition has become the standard in TV and video today. Dedicated camcorders as well as digital still cameras that also record video pretty much all support HD, whether it’s 720 or 1080. Full HD or 1920x1080 pixels is what you should look at today if you’re going to buy a camcorder and there’s a lot to choose from.

Is the iPhone 4 all that?

About a week ago, Apple introduced the iPhone 4, their latest model of the smartphone that first came out in 2007. Since iPhone, in a few short years, has already grown to represent about 40 per cent of Apple’s revenue, it’s easy to see how important this is to the Cupertino-based company. True to form, Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs took to the stage in San Francisco exuding his usual excitement and confidence.

What’s the status of iPad
in UAE?

APPLE ROLLED out the first model of iPad on April 3rd and the 3G model followed on April 30th. It reached some countries in Europe, Japan and Australia on May 28th. With the first model you can connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi, with the 3G model you can also get online from wherever you are through a mobile data plan and a SIM card.