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First-gen iPad still a good choice

First-gen iPad still a good choice

Now that Apple’s iPad 2 has been released and is set to arrive in the Middle East at some point soon, the question is whether you really need it? The answer is, for most of us, pretty obviously “no, we don’t”.

iOS clear leader in apps

Idon’t think there’s any denying that iOS is the clear leader in mobile apps when it comes to quality as well as quantity. Having attended a couple of apps-related events lately makes that even obvious for me.

Multitasking or serial-unitasking?

Along time ago, at least in computer years, we used to debate whether cooperative multitasking was enough or if we really needed the pre-emptive kind. Apple was right in the middle of this debate then, and still is today.

The cloud keeps your life in sync

One of the biggest challenges I face in my everyday life is how to keep information in sync between computers and devices. It’s quite simply my main technology headache.

Apple strikes again with thunderbolt

Just over a week ago Apple Inc. introduced a line of new MacBook Pro computers. Actually to call them new is a bit of a misnomer as they are much the same as the previous models but with faster processors and a few other modifications.

When is Sandy Bridge Coming
to Macs?

Sandy Bridge is the name for Intel’s second generation Core processors, including the Core i3, i5 and i7. As you know, Apple switched to Intel processors in 2006 and the question is now, when will Cupertino put Sandy Bridge into Macs?

Mac App Store instant hit

On January 6, Apple opened the doors to its Mac App Store and after only 24 hours it declared that it had already reached one million downloads.

The anti-iPhone

Ever since it was announced back in April, I’ve wanted to try the Nokia C5 and thanks to Nokia’s PR people in Dubai I now have.

Buffalo delivers affordable
network storage

MOST EXTERNAL HARD drives connect to your computer using USB or FireWire cable. NAS or Network Attached Storage means a hard drive that is not connected to a computer but which you can still access over a network.

HTC brings passion back with Desire

Although it was introduced at Mobile World Congress in February, the HTC Desire smartphone has just arrived in the Middle East. Finally, after we’ve been told since April that it would launch here, it’s available at a list price of AED 2,299.