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Nokia N9: The first and last Meego phone

The brand new Nokia N9, on display at the GITEX Technology Week, which has just wrapped up in Dubai, is one of the best looking smartphones I’ve ever seen; it has a gorgeous screen that should make the competition sit up and take notice.

Sony Ericsson 
Xperia Arc S

When introduced earlier this year, Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Arc made quite a splash in the market, especially thanks to its thin and slim design and large display. Those were the qualities I fell for as well, and I’ve been an Arc user for many months now.

Sony Ericsson LiveDock

THE LiveDock from Sony Ericsson is an example of a product with great potential that falls short of meeting expectations. At an expected price of less than €30, according to Sony Ericsson in Dubai, around Dhs 150, the LiveDock should arrive in the market soon and provide a table-top stand for Sony Ericsson smartphones.

Motorola Atrix: Your Next PC?

I’ve rarely been so excited about some new technology item as I was when I first saw the Motorola Atrix and Laptop dock at CES in Las Vegas in January this year.

Apple’s iPhone Makes Their Day

DUBAI — The latest iPhone that Apple has made — the 3GS — hit UAE markets on Tuesday with eager iPhone addicts scrambling to lay their hands on one despite the high price tag.

Why it Leads the Smartphone Pack

DUBAI — Everyone is crowing about its flawless features. Its applications, greater memory capacity, its 3-megapixel camera, voice-control features, video recording, a built-in compass and its speed — which is noticeably faster than on the iPhone 3G.

New Generation iPhones are Here

DUBAI - Apple’s next generation iPhone 3GS finally hit the UAE market on Tuesday when both etisalat and du simultaneously launched the smartphone.

First look: Acer Aspire S3 Ultrabook

INTEL INTRODUCED its Ultrabook concept earlier this year at Computex in Taiwan. It stated that Ultrabooks should be thinner than 21mm, cost less that $1,000 and start up very quickly.

Twitter Makes Learning Arabic Easier

DUBAI — ‘Assalamu alaikum’ will read your tweet update on Tuesday with the next Arabic phase introduced to you on Wednesday till you are capable of brewing up a conversation with your Arab colleagues in their local language at the next Iftar gathering. Just follow a language institute on the world’s fastest growing networking site, Twitter!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

IN WHAT SEEMS like a strange twist of circumstance, I submit this review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 for publication on the same day that Steve Jobs announced his resignation as Apple CEO. Apple and Samsung, as you may know, are locked in various legal battles, mainly due to Apple claiming that the Korean electronics giant has infringed on Apple patents in products like the Tab 10.1, the Galaxy S II smartphone and others.

Strong on style and photos

SONY ERICSSON’S latest Xperia smartphone, the Neo, is a little bit hard to place because both in price and specifications it falls somewhere in the middle of the range.

iRig iMic microphone for iPhone

The built-in microphone in an iPhone may be pretty good as smartphone mics go but it’s no match for a dedicated external mic like the iMic from iRig ( That’s a lot of “i” in the names, perhaps a bit too much, but the iMic is a great product.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 continues IBM’s tradition

There is a lot to like about Lenovo’s latest laptop in the venerable ThinkPad line of portables but for me the most outstanding feature on the X1 is the keyboard. But let’s start with the specifications.

Razer Ferox
portable speakers

With Speakers, the way it usually works is the smaller they are the worse the sound is. That is not the case with the Razer Ferox mobile speakers.