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Apple Thunderbolt Display

Apple’s Thunderbolt Display is hands down the most gorgeous display the company has ever built. Only the 30-inch Cinema Display can compete but then mostly because of its awesome size rather than picture quality and expansion.

FitBit: It tracks your exercise, sleep and eating habits

This will be the first exercise-oriented post I’ve made in the year and half I’ve been writing these weekly reviews. That may be a sign of my own state of rather poor fitness, or it may be a sign that there just aren’t that many gadgets that can help you stay in shape. I’d vote for the former rather than the latter.

iPhones keep on trucking

JUST LAST week, Samsung got into a bit of trouble over a recent announcement it had made over not supporting the latest Android operating system on one of its smartphones.

iPhone 4S: More than meets
the eye

WITH iPhone 4S it’s a case of refining an already good smartphone rather than pushing the envelope in every way possible. Apple’s latest smartphone hasn’t landed in the UAE yet, at least not officially, but it’s about time I take a closer look at what it can offer.

Play:3 is quite a beast

Sonos is A brand that plays in the premium segment of home audio systems and that’s not changing with the arrival of the Play:3, or at least it’s not changing much.

The smartphone tablet

Samsung’s Galaxy notes straddles the worlds of smartphones and tablets like no other device on the market. With it’s 5.3-inch display, it’s larger than the swath of 4- and 4.3-inch phones we’ve seen, like Samsung’s own Galaxy S II. It’s also smaller than the 7-inch tablets in the market, like the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Mac’s Blue Screen of

Have you ever heard of BSOD? What about the Blue Screen of Death? That’s that blue screen with white text that appears when Microsoft Windows crashes in a particularly nasty way. Basically it means something really bad happened, bad enough that Windows could not continue to operate.

HTC EVO 3D an excellent smartphone

Although not quite as big as Samsung’s Note, which at 5.3-inches straddles the somewhat diverse worlds of smartphones and tablets, HTC’s EVO 3D still boasts a very large display at 4.3-inch.

What about an HDTV from Apple?

Apple has for many years now sold a small box called Apple TV. It changed the other year, shrunk into an even smaller size and dropped the hard drive.

Elementary, dear Watson

OTHER THAN A few apps for smartphones and tablets, I’ve not written much about software in this review column. That’s something I hope to be able to change in the future. After all, as exciting as hardware can be, it’s not of much use if there’s not also great software to back it up.

Logitech Tablet keyboard

I’M VERY PICKY when it comes to keyboards. I mean, I’m very particular about what I like and don’t like. My favourite keyboard of all time remains the heavy Apple Extended II keyboard with real, mechanical keys.

Is bigger better?

Coventional wisdom would tell us that bigger is better, right? But I think we can all come up with examples when that doesn’t apply and I think smartphones is one example of that.

What we can learn from IDF

AT THE recent IDF Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco the electronics giant laid out its plans for the next number of years, showing off several new processors and other technologies that will hit us sooner or later.

Three must have iPad games

This week I thought I’d take a slight detour from the usual hardware reviews and tell you about three iPad games that I’ve played a lot lately.