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Turtle Beach EarForce PX 21 headset

The PX 21 is first and foremost a gaming headset, to be used with a Mac, PC, Xbox or PS3. And we could end the review right there and say this is the headset for you, just because it works with pr etty much anything, which is unique enough to warrant a purchase.


The rumour mills are going crazy right now, with website after website predicting what Apple will do in the 2012. Most recently I read on a site that Apple would introduce two new iPads in March, something I’ll get back to later. For now, think of this not as predictions of particular products but of general strategic and technological directions.

revolutionises the textbook industry

APPLE CREATED the personal computer industry in the 1970s. Then it revolutionised the portable digital music player industry, the music industry, the movie industry, as well as the smartphone industry.

Who has the edge when it comes to impulse buying?

The other day I was walking through a mall and I popped into one of the electronics stores. It was a store that’s a part of one of the big chains. Exactly which chain doesn’t matter, but you’ve probably visited one yourself.

Check out this masterpiece in hardware and software

Nokia’s first smartphone running Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating has not officially landed in the UAE yet, but hopefully it will be available soon. And when it is, I suggest you hurry up and check it out.

How does this stylish PC stack up in the competition?

It was unveiled at the IFA show in Berlin last fall and officially introduced in the Middle East in December. The Toshiba Satellite Z830 is one out of a wide range of Ultrabooks hitting the market right now. So how does it stack up in the competition? As it turns out, very well.

HP Photosmart 5510 e-All-in-One printer

AN ALL-IN-ONE printer is often a good choice for your home or small office if you want to save space and cost. HP’s PhotoSmart 5510 e-All-in-One is a budget model (Dhs 499.95) that may not deliver the print quality or feature set of some of its more expensive competitors but it does deliver on value.

Seagate GoFlex
Satellite Wi-Fi drive

EVEN IF you have a 64GB iPad I’m sure you’ve run out of space at least once. It’s so easy to fill up that space with videos, music, documents and apps. With many games now topping out over 1 GB each, you simply can’t have enough storage space. But what to do then, since Apple doesn’t allow for any memory expansion?

Any Apple at Black Hat?

Black hat is again opening its doors in Abu Dhabi, starting December 14. Anyone interested in computer and information security should make sure they attend. I was fortunate enough to attend Black Hat in Las Vegas earlier this year and what surprised me was how many of the sessions had something to do with Mac and iOS.

Where’s my i-device?

You have any of Apple’s mobile devices you need to be using the Find iPhone functionality. Whether it’s iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and even Mac, there’s so much you can use this free service for that you simply shouldn’t overlook it.

You ain’t seen 
nothing yet!

It’s too bad that Apple doesn’t report any sales figures for the Middle East because it would be very interesting to see how the iPhone 4S will fare in the region now that it’s been officially released.