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Wacom Inkling: Digitiser pen without the tablet

Wacom is a company almost synonymous with computers and pressure-sensitive tablets and pens. Traditionally you got a tablet, which came in different sizes, and you had to use a particular pen to draw on the tablet to create your art.

New iPad: see it to believe it

Perhaps the the sign of the times, that I write more about iPad than Mac lately. As Apple is progressing into the post-PC era, so am I, I guess.

Apple needs to work on iCloud

Did you know that Apple’s cloud service iCloud really started its life way back in 2000 as iTools? Then, it was a Mac-only service with email with addresses, webpage space with HomePage, and storage space with iDisk. That later became .Mac (dotmac), which turned into MobileMe in 2008. Then, last year it became iCloud.

Cheaper iPad 2 is more

Apple finally took the wraps off of its next iPad and it wasn’t the iPad 3, iPad HD, or even iPad 2S. Instead, Apple took the naming conventions from its own Mac-line of products and named it simply “the new iPad.” Think about it: when a new Mac is introduced, it’s not MacBook Pro 3, for example, it’s just the new MacBook Pro.

Get a great gaming experience with PlayStation Vita

Sony introduced the PlayStation Portable (PSP) in 2004 and now the successor, the Vita, is here. It’s better in every way than the PSP and offers a stunning gaming experience, but is it worth paying around Dh 1,400 for (Dh1,800 if you want the 3G model)? I’ll try to sort all that out for you.

Replace your 
notepad with iPad

EVEN THOUGH I’ve had an iPad for almost two years now, I have still been taking notes with a regular paper pad and pencil. That is until just recently. One day I said to myself: you carry your iPad with you everywhere, so why not use it to take notes with?

The mCAM is the best video
accessory for iPhone ever

IF YOU HAVE an iPhone, preferably an iPhone 4S because it records full HD 1080 video, and you’re serious about shooting video with it, you just have to get the mCAM. It may cost you $170 but it will make the video shooting both more versatile and more rewarding, so it’s money well spent.

Apple’s success leaves me speechless

APPLE RECENTLY announced its most recent quarterly financial report, covering the first quarter of the 2012 fiscal year, which ended December 31. By any account, the numbers are amazing, huge, fantastic, and unbelievable.

Two must-have apps for your iPad

If you’ve got an iPad you’re not truly taking advantage of all that it can do unless you have these two apps installed. Between them, they have solved a number of problems for me as well as expanded the functionality of my Apple tablet.

Sony Tablet brings something different to Android tablets

Sony may be good at design but it has to work on its product-naming skills. I mean, calling a tablet “Tablet S,” who thought that was a good idea? Undoubtedly Sony has too many of those guys as the company made a net loss of $2 billion in fiscal Q3 2011. But this is not an article about Sony’s financial woes; it’s about its latest tablet.