Restaurant Review: Sunny breakfast at Caya

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Purva Grover

Published: Thu 6 Jan 2022, 7:28 PM

There’s a lot of emphasis laid on how breakfast is an important meal of the day, yet traffic snarls, work deadlines, faulty alarm clocks, and overall busy routines wreak havoc and we end up rushing out of the door with an apple in hand and a coffee mug in another. So, at least on weekends, I make sure I sit down for breakfast, at leisure with a coffee in hand. At Caya, Town Square, I happily replaced the caffeine for a Saffron Pistachio Latte, and let the soothing, unique blend allow me to welcome the winter sunshine. This concoction of fresh milk, pistachio paste, condensed milk, et al, with a view of the massive lawns, the kids’ play area, and even a fountain and merry-go-round, did make me feel like I’d travelled to another land for a brekkie (the indoors with minimalistic design and massive planters make for a lovely space as well).

Next up was a green haven on my plate. Ever since avocado became the must-eat ingredient, I never miss the chance to indulge in Avocado Toast. And this one came with more of the hue — green peas and asparagus, with the smashed avo. The creamy mild taste and the light flavour of ricotta added to the meal. It’s been long since we travelled and ordered a typical English breakfast (when on holiday) of scrambled eggs, beef bacon, beef chorizo, complete with grilled mushrooms, caramelised tomatoes and potato cake; so, the Morning Life was a perfect choice.

Now, I like the idea of indulging in a three-course breakfast, so it was natural for me to have a dessert or two. And Caya’s range of sweet treats on display only makes it mandatory to have some. I am not a cream-icing-fondant sweet person, so the Pear Frangipane Tart did well to my soul. The classic French tart made with baked fresh pears, plum jam, and a vanilla sweet tart dough; and frangipane i.e. almond paste is what you need in the holiday season or just about any other day. Comforting, elegant, and delicious was a slice of Mango Cheesecake. I’ll return for lunch and dinner for sure, especially to sample their newly introduced Winter Menu and, of course, more desserts.

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