Restaurant Review: Sauce

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Purva Grover

Published: Wed 18 Aug 2021, 8:59 PM

Tell me about a place that serves coffee all day long, and you’ll find me there, at an odd hour, sipping on a hot mocha. That’s just one of the many things I like about eating at a diner, a few others being the casual ambience, the fun uniforms of the staff, and the booths; the latter especially in a pandemic. At Sauce, Al Habtoor City, Dubai, however, they insist they’re not your typical diner, for they’ve brought back the 50’s vibes and added a twist to the classic concept of a diner.

On a weekday evening, we found ourselves there tapping our feet to Richard Marx’ Right Here Waiting. We sat in a booth, absorbed in the fun vibes, including silhouettes of dancers on the walls, a touch of pop art on the furnishings (think: bright reds and yellows), and the lovely red-white milkmaid frilled uniforms for the waitresses. We had to eat a burger, of course. Having heard so much of Beyond Meat, we tried the Veggie Burger, which was a meatless patty topped with, of course, cheese and greens too. It came in a potato bun, which was a healthy bite to the otherwise fast food meal. As a vegetarian by choice, I rarely miss meat and hence am not a fan of the chewy meat-like texture offerings, so I was not impressed with the patty. It came with a portion of regular fries, which we relished with three hued sauces that we selected from 20 on offer! Beetroot Mayo stood out, followed by the onion-garlicky Black Mamba, and the sharp, salty, and creamy Blue Cheese Mayo. My dining partner went in for the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and relished the Australian Wagyu, which was doused in creamy mayo and mixed melted cheese as well. The caramelised onion and mixed bell pepper added to the crunch. We enjoyed the Jersey Disco Fries, which was regular fries in gravy with melted mozzarella cheese, however, the real icing on the meal was the sauces.

Now, when I say that the American Taco Salad was a medley of colours I mean it was good for my soul, camera, and tummy. Strangely enough, I’ll be going back to Sauce for another portion of the rich salad of romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, red kidney beans, sweetcorn, nacho chips, avocado, Monterey jack cheese, black olives, spring onion, and a dash of Thousand Island dressing. Yes, there’s more to a diner than burgers. I’ll be back perhaps to taste a croiffle too — a waffle made with croissant dough!

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