Restaurant Review: Sampling appetisers at Toshi-Pan Asia

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Purva Grover

Published: Thu 9 Sep 2021, 4:27 PM

I am a small eater, which doesn’t mean I eat less, it simply suggests that I prefer to eat smaller portions at one time. In short, I am a fan of appetisers. Call them aperitifs or hors d’oeuvres, if you please, but the small bites work in many ways, allowing you to sample more flavours being one. After all, American stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan said, “The appetiser is just an excuse for an extra meal.” It was one of the reasons that took me to Toshi-Pan Asia, Grand Millennium Dubai, Barsha Heights. You could go à la carte or opt to savour the buffet, we went in for the former; but most dishes are part of the buffet, so one’s guess would be they were served from the buffet table.

So, are gyozas the same as dumplings or momos? We allowed ourselves to explore the difference as we sampled Steamed Gyoza (Vegetable) served with Chinese vinegar. It’s the thinner dumpling wrapper and the more finely chopped stuffing that sets them apart. The delicate, green-hued bites arrived in the typical bamboo basket, which made for a pretty sight. On the insistence of the staff, we ordered a portion of Vegetable Maki Roll, in addition to the regular must-haves i.e. the Maki Rolls – California Roll, which was a delectable preparation of cucumber, crab meat and avocado. Surprisingly, the showstoppers were the Vegetable Maki Roll, which came with a dash of salad dressing (mayo) and a delectable filling of avocado and cucumber island.

A special mention for the Ebi Tempura, deep-fried shrimp dish with crunch spicy mayo and sweet chilli sauce, and a sprinkle of salmon eggs; the tiny, red eggs made for a lovely touch. Sashimi lovers would love the rich, oily taste of the salmon belly. Yes, salmon belly is good fat and safe to eat, also that’s from where a huge amount of natural flavour comes from. We ended our meal with a scoop of Green Tea ice cream garnished with blueberry, which indeed was a refreshing, interesting flavour to remember the meal by.

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