Restaurant Review: Mama Rita

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Published: Thu 1 Apr 2021, 6:21 PM

Amongst the many things we have found wisdom in during the pandemic, food happens to be one. A number of home chefs came to the fore to satisfy our tummies and soul. Tucked in our homes, we relearnt the value of home-cooked meals, eating together as a unit, just as we indulged in recipes passed on from one generation to another. After all, cooking and eating is about loved ones gathering around the table and sharing experiences. It is about serving memories, traditions and dreams on a platter. And that seems to be how Mama Rita, a delivery-only food venture, came into being. At the core of this kitchen is the mother-daughter duo Rita (Mama) and Jessica Kahawaty. Rita’s mother Nahil taught her how to cook, whilst her dad Simon grew vegetables in the Lebanon. And Jessica inherited their skills and passion.


Purva Grover

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Their kitchen serves colourful, fresh and flavoursome meal. Be assured the recipes are not only authentic but have passed enough tests at their home. The Beetroot Hummus (with carrots and cucumber sticks) is the deep pink creamy hue you need on a sunny day. The Oriental Rice with Lamb boasts juicy, tender meat pieces cooked for long and adorned in spices. We were a tad disappointed to pick from the international menu when it came to a vegetarian meal (other than salads under the Mediterranean fare) but did enjoy the Vegetarian Lasagne, which was cheesy goodness combined with a sauce adding the right touch to the layers of thin flat pasta. Mama’s Special Carrot Cake was literally like receiving a warm hug from mum in every bite.

Taste: Superior quality ingredients, which you can taste in the crudites, herbs, cheese, meats, etc. The authenticity in the recipes, with no attempt by the chefs to tweak them to appeal to diverse palates, adds to the experience.

Experience: It’s a delivery-only concept, which means you can create an ambience at home, from a candle-light meal to a pyjama-Netflix setting. All the while enjoying the sumptuous preparation.

Service: Our order was slightly delayed, though the staff was quick to inform us about the same. So full marks on that. The meal arrived at the doorstep in microwaveable cardboard branded boxes.

Presentation: It’s your standard-delivery, so you get to garnish the meal with salad dressing, sauce, etc. No complaints here. With deliveries, presentation can often take backseat, but the service tries makes up for it.

Value for money: Slightly lavish, but the portion-sizes and high-quality ingredients make up for the pennies spent. Given the quantity, quality of service and, of course, taste, it is an experience worth spending on.

Covid-consciousness: Your meal is a click away, and there’s nothing safer than eating in the comfort of home these days. Meals are also packaged carefully, and are delivered with due precautions observed. Ticks all the right boxes.

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