Restaurant Review: Beau Rivage Bistro


Michael Gomes

Published: Sun 8 Nov 2020, 1:35 PM

One of the biggest draws for eateries around the Business Bay area is the grand view of the Dubai Canal. Moreover, as we step into the last weeks of October, we experience a nip in the air, which means the weather has just become kinder. This also means residents should take full advantage of as many outdoor activities during the season. Keeping that in mind, then venturing out for a spot of dining in some of the alfresco venues around town sounds exciting. So be it then!

We’re here at the Beau Rivage Bistro, located on Dubai Canal level of the Grand Millennium Business Bay Hotel. Offering a unique view of the canal, the place also serves up a fabulous gastronomic experience to relish.

The restaurant has an extensive outdoor area with waterfront views overlooking the canal, and your dining experience is enhanced as you watch boats and luxury yachts cruise along the blue waters of the Dubai Canal.

The European-inspired bistro has a cosy and chic interior. Seating arrangements are in line with the safety measures stipulated by the local health authorities. All necessary measures are in place, including socially distanced tables, every staff member masked and the menu can be viewed via a QR code that’s displayed on a placard on tables. This is all done for good measure and it lessens your physical contact with external surfaces. You also need to have a smartphone or tab to view the menu, but if you don’t happen to have one, you will be supplied with a physical copy of the menu.

For cricket lovers, the Beau Rivage has put up huge screens all around the restaurant, and fans won’t miss out on the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) T-20 tournament that’s taking place in the UAE. Besides, we were informed the place gets more vibrant on weekend nights as live entertainment takes over. So far so good, next we move on to the food.

The menu is not cluttered, it’s limited but the selection is very well chosen and caters to all tastes. Even ‘fussy’, health-concious eaters won’t have a chance to crib as Beau Rivage has some interesting options for them. The menu features several signature dishes that cover soups, salads, appetisers, grills, steaks, pizza, main dishes and desserts. From healthy and nutritious dishes to seafood specialities, to exotic vegetables and meats, there’s something for everyone. The creative geniuses behind Beau Rivage’s menu have skilfully blended a European-Asian touch to make it more appealing to a cross-section of diners. For instance, their Mumbai pizza is an Indian twist to an Italian favourite that includes a topping of spicy chicken tikka and mozzarella cheese on a crispy pizza base – so you have the best of both worlds. That’s just one instance, there are many such reinterpretations on the menu card.

Opting for a straight five-course meal, we tried their BRB soup – a fresh asparagus-truffle combination, healthy oganic quinoa salad, canal mari for starters — calamari with aioli sauce, herb-crusted salmon and chocolate fondant for dessert. This choice was more than enough, we guess, to give us a fair idea about the cuisine.

The main highlight for us was the chocolate fondant — molten chocolate served with a scoop of ice cream. The hot and cold combination enticed us. We also loved the presentation on the herb-crusted salmon on a bed of truffle potato and green peas puree. The salmon was grilled just right retaining the tenderness and juiciness, and the accompanying mustard sauce added more bite to the dish!

The atmosphere was sombre. The service and the hospitality were on spot. For us, it ticked the right boxes — courteous, professional, and quick on the call. All these qualities and the flavours came together for a satisfying encounter. We would suggest Beau Rivage Bistro for its innovative spin on European dishes with a view that would perhaps be best enjoyed at sunset!

Taste: Their crispy, crunchy batter-fried calamari rings will have you nibbling on the dish for long. Even after half an hour, the crispiness remained intact, which is why have to make a mention of this starter. The chocolate fondant was also a hotseller. Imagine digging into a moist chocolate cupcake, and as you try to spoon the dish, hot, molten, rich dark chocolate flowing out of cake, like lava. Now, alternately dig into creamy vanilla ice cream, the contrast in temperatures gives a divine feeling.

Ambience: The European-fashioned interiors have a modern bistro feel. The restaurant has been fitted with an extensive bar counter displaying a wide range of exquisite beverages. Tables are placed as per Covid guidelines. Television screens that have been placed at vantage points is surely a draw for sports lovers who wouldn’t want to miss out on their regular dose of IPL matches. The outdoor area has ample seating facing the canal, which makes it an ideal spot to spend the evening.

Service: Courteous and attentive! The staff were quick to respond to our queries and we were well looked after! The timing of each course of the meal was paced well, giving us enough time to devour the dishes at leisure. The service staff ensured they were always at hand and had the mandatory mask and gloves on all the while.

Presentation: A lot of thought and innovation has gone behind the presentation and the look of the dishes to make them appealing to the eyes, and for this Chef Mohammad Chabchoul deserves our thumbs up! We liked the green-top, herb-crusted salmon, which was strategically placed on a bed of truffle-flavoured roast potatoes and peas puree.

Value for money: A dinner for two could set you back Dh350 approximately, but it's a deal for top view and sumptuous cuisine. Comfortably priced mains like herb crusted salmon (Dh165) or a filet beef tenderloin (Dh175) and healthy quinoa salad (Dh75) that has been fairly priced. The rich chocolate fondant at Dh57 is a steal and worth every bite.

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