Iftar Review: Kris With A View

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Published: Thu 15 Apr 2021, 6:47 PM

The holy month of Ramadan, whilst being a period of spiritual reflection, is also a time that signifies celebration and togetherness. Families and friends gather together at the end of the day, to conclude their daily fasting rituals. Iftar forms an intrinsic part of the festivities of the month of Ramadan, albeit a social-distanced one. Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel opened its doors at the beginning of this month, for a special iftar preview, to welcome diners in anticipation of the omnipresent spirit of Ramadan, to get a taste of the traditional Iftar Buffet.

By Somya Mehta

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The sumptuous Iftar spread, laid out across a dim-lit dining space, was a mix of traditional Arabic dishes and international cuisine, to cater to varying tastes. To begin with, the place had one of the most extensive ranges of Mezze, serving unique flavours of Hummus, along with the traditional staples like Tabbouleh, Baba Ganoush and the unmissable Labneh balls, flavoured with a zesty mix of Arabic spices. Laid alongside warming bowls of soup, to build up your appetite, was an authentic mix of kebabs, slow-cooked to perfection and served sizzling hot. The live Ouzi station was a favourite of the evening, with guests rushing for refills, to enjoy the fragrant, steaming rice, oozing cultural flavours. The rich spread can be enjoyed with creative emulsions of ‘Ramadan mocktails’.

The all-you-can-eat buffet will leave no room in your stomach for anything else but as they say, there’s a second stomach for dessert — and in this case, the enormous spread of rich, Arabic sweets, like Umm Ali and cheesy Kunafa, will definitely lure you in. Albeit a tough choice, the dessert spotlight of the evening was on the delectable crème brûlée, adding the perfect multicultural touch to a traditional setting.

Taste (4/5): Break the fast with a burst of Arabic flavours, staying true to the authenticity of the Middle Eastern cuisine, in combination with international dishes. Whether it is the fresh salad bars, steaming hot cheese rolls or the grilled kebabs, the Iftar spread has got it all.

Ambience (4/5): With the picturesque sight of the sun setting over the Arabian Gulf, soft Arabic music playing in the background and panoramic views of the cityscape, Kris Kin makes for an aesthetically pleasing Iftar ambience, which will take you away from the bustle of the city.

Service (4.5/5): The live stations and buffet tables are headed by expert chefs, generously serving the iftar meals, whilst giving the guests background information on the cultural significance of the traditional meals. The staff welcomes you with warm greetings and a tour of the venue.

Presentation (4/5): While buffets don’t leave ample room to spruce up the aesthetics, this place manages to lay out the spread in a manner that brings the food to life, whether it is through the traditionally laid-out tablescapes or the freshly poured Moroccan tea, upon arrival.

Covid-consciousness (4/5): While the festivities will be toned down this year due to the pandemic, places like these allow us to celebrate the festive spirit, whilst taking the necessary Covid measures. The tables were socially-distanced, with ample room for guests to move around, without over-crowding.


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