Iftar review: Bosporous

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Published: Thu 22 Apr 2021, 4:17 PM

Ramadan, or ‘Ramazan’ as it’s spelled in Turkish, falls on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Besides being a time of spiritual upliftment, self-reflection and fasting, Ramadan is also a time when we look forward to a lavish and mouth-watering iftar in the evening. Apart from the regular fare, if you want to experience the magical flavours of Turkish cuisine, then you have to head down to the Bosporous restaurant in Downtown Dubai. This famous restaurant chain brings Dubai’s safest iftar buffet with a plethora of delicious and traditional Turkish delicacies.

By Zubina Ahmed

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In light of the current situation, the restaurant has taken safety measures to ensure customers are able to enjoy their usual iftar buffet while keeping safe. Priced at Dh149 per adult, the set iftar menu is a complete steal for food this good. It includes over 24 dishes, comprising almost 14 starters, three main dishes, three desserts and four beverages.

The appetiser plate came with a little bit of everything. The cold mezze platter had varieties of hummus, moutabel, baba ghanoush, chilli salad with yoghurt, spring roll, kibbeh and two kinds of salad. The portions are small, so it’s enough to taste but won’t fill you up. For starters, they also have two kinds of the Chef’s Special Soup. We tried both soups on the menu, the harira soup with garlic croutons and the other was lentil soup. Add a squeeze of lemon to this and it’s definitely the winner of the two. Other starters included the Turkish pizza from the oven, kebabs, içli kofta & sigara böreği, sigara pastirma and meat chops. The main course included chicken & beef doner, mixed grill, the traditional beef sac and pilav. To finish on a sweet high, we sampled kunafa, fresh-cut fruits and some Turkish tea. Authentic, sumptuous and delectable, this iftar was cooked to perfection.


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