Care for an elaborate meal? 3 recipes to try this weekend

Weekends are time to whip up a frenzy. How about starting with these delicacies….

By Chef Youssef Akiki

Published: Thu 1 Sep 2022, 9:20 PM

Seabass Ceviche


•Fresh seabass - 120 grams

•Shallots - 20 grams

•Celery - 5 grams

•Coriander fresh - 5 grams

•Cucumber - 20 grams

•Salt - 10 grams

•Lemon oil - 20 grams

•Avocado - 40 grams

•Piment D’espelette - 2 grams

•Radish- 2 grams

•Basil ice-cream- 1 scoop


Seabass Ceviche:

•Clean and fillet the fresh seabass (preferably catch of the day)

•Remove the fish bones with the tweezers

•Clean in ice water and then dry it

•Finely slice the seabass into ceviche-sized piece

•Mix the seabass pieces, salt, lemon juice and oil together in a bowl

•Leave it to marinate for about 60 seconds

•Add in the shallots, celery, cucumber, and finely chopped coriander and mix it

•Add the piment d’espelette (espelette chilli pepper) and mix everything together evenly


•Add the mix to your desired serving plate

•Garnish it with radish slices and avocado cubes

•Place a scoop of the basil ice cream on top

•Add a pinch of salt and extra piment d’espelette (espelette chilli pepper) on top

•Finally add lemon zest and olive oil

Saffron Cecina


•Dry pasta - 100grams

•Water- 250mls

•White wine- 250mls

•Saffron- 1gram

•Shallot- 50grams

•Cecina beef- 50grams

•Cream- 200mls

•Parmesan- 30grams

•Chives- 5grams



•Bring water to the boil, add salt and boil the spaghetti for 5 minutes until al dente.


•In a separate pot, mix water and white wine, finely chopped shallots, and saffron, and boil for 15 minutes.

•Add the cream and mix together.


•In the skillet, add the warm spaghetti to the hot sauce and mix it.

•Add salt and black pepper to taste and parmesan.

•Put the pasta into a serving plate.

•Put the beef on top of the pasta for the desired shape you like.

•Garnish it with parmesan, chives, and olive oil.

Huevos Rotos


Butter - 40 grams

Shallots- 100grams

Cream- 500grams

Soujouk Spice - 12 grams

Xeres Vinegar- 15 grams

Piment D’espelette- 1 grams

Garlic Powder - 3 grams

Smoked Pimenton - 3 grams

Paprika - 15 grams

Black pepper - 2 grams

Salt - 8 grams


Beef Cecina:

•Cut the beef Cecina into fine slices

Potato Allumettes:

•Wash the Agria Potato firmly, then peel it.

•Cut the potato on the mandoline (allumette shape).

•Soak the potato in cold water, then dry it very well on paper towels.

•Heat the oil to 180°C and fry the potato until golden brown.

•Put the potato on paper towels and add salt to it.

Sauce Pimenton:

•Heat the pot and add butter to it.

•Add the finely chopped shallots and stir until soft.

•Add the cream until heated.

•Mix all the spices and add them to the cream and stir until mixed.

•In the end, add the xeres vinegar and mix.

Poached Egg:

•Bring a large pot of water to a boil, then reduce to low.

•Add salt and white vinegar to the water.

•Mix the water to create a vortex.

•Crack an egg in a bowl and then add it to the middle of the vortex.

•Set the timer for 2-2.5 minutes.

•Once the egg is done, use a slotted spoon to remove the poached egg. Dab with a paper towel to remove excess water.


•Put the potatoes allumettes on a plate.

•Add the slices of beef Cecina around the potatoes.

•Sprinkle some smoked pimenton on top of the potatoes.

•Add the hot egg to a small serving pot or any desired plate.

•Cover it with hot pimento sauce.

•Garnish the sauce with smoked pimenton and chopped chives (optional).

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