UAE Ramadan 2021: Tough in first few years, fasting is now part of Indian expat's life

Abu Dhabi - 'I have been observing Ramadan fasting for the past eight years'


Ashwani Kumar

Published: Fri 30 Apr 2021, 11:38 PM

Indian expat Eby Varghese has been observing fast during every Ramadan for the past eight years — an act which he now considers a habit.

“I have been here since 2009 and joined Aster DM Healthcare. I have been observing Ramadan fasting for the past eight years. There is no big reason but the fact that a lot of my colleagues were fasting, and I joined them. In the first three to four years, I felt that fasting was like a major task, but eventually it became a habit.

“Fasting is now a part of my life and a routine during the holy month,” said Eby, cluster manager of Aster Clinics. He said that after the first few days of every Ramadan, he would start enjoying his fast.

“The first few days would be tough but then you start to like it. I have always wished to be an early riser but couldn’t really do so. However, Ramadan brings a lot more discipline in your life. I no longer adjust my snooze time and I am up by 4am every day.”

The Keralite experiences a special feeling during Ramadan, making him ‘mentally strong’.

“Normally, I take five to six small meals. I take breakfast by 7am, then I cannot miss my lunch, and so on. However, during Ramadan, I feel very good and strong mentally while I fast. I don’t feel the urge to eat,” he said.

When fasting, he finds good support in the workplace and at home.

“I end my fast with dates, water and some snacks. My colleagues in the office know about my fast. So, if there is a meeting, they allow me to end my fast when it’s time for Iftar. I have very supportive colleagues and seniors. Sometimes, I end the fast with my family, even though they are not fasting. My parents are here, so is my sister and brother-in-law, who live in a nearby community,” Eby added.

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