UAE: Fatwa council responds to 2,500 queries since Ramadan began

For the first time, public can communicate directly with Sharia specialists, clerks, Mufti, 7 days a week, including weekly official holidays


Afkar Ali Ahmed

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Published: Mon 27 Mar 2023, 2:51 PM

Last updated: Mon 27 Mar 2023, 5:53 PM

The UAE Council for Sharia Fatwa (UAE-CFSF) has responded to 2500 fatwa requests since the beginning of Ramadan and the number is expected to increase throughout the holy month.

Dr Omar Habtoor Al Darei, Director General of the UAE-CFSF, said that for the first time since the launch of its advisory services, the Council provided the public with the opportunity to communicate directly with Sharia specialists, clerks, and Mufti through all services, seven days a week, including the weekly official holidays.

He added that this comes within the framework of the council's efforts to meet the public's needs for fatwas during the holy month of Ramadan.

CFSF since the first day of Ramadan started to respond to the public jurisprudential and legal questions, and allow them to communicate with trusted specialists, considering expectations that the requests for fatwas received by the council will exceed 2,500 fatwas per day throughout the holy month.

According to the new timings, the call centre provides its advisory services from 9am until 6pm, from Monday to Friday, while inquiries from the public will be answered during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) from 1pm the 6pm.

Dr Omar Habtoor Al Darei stressed the Council’s endeavour to consolidate its position as a leading body in providing legal fatwas.

He pointed out that the provision of fatwa services on all days of the week during the holy month comes within the Council’s keenness to control legal fatwas, standardize their reference, and organize their affairs and mechanisms for their issuance in the country.

Avoid extremism

Dr Al Darei said that CFSF makes great efforts to take into account the jurisprudential changes according to which the fatwa develops at every time. It simplifies the fatwas and avoids extremism.

Fatwa in three languages

The Fatwa Services Contact Center in the Council is keen to provide legal fatwas in three main languages, Arabic, English and Urdu, within five main specializations, including fatwas specialized in worship, financial transactions, family issues, youth, and student fatwas, in addition to both general fatwas and private women’s fatwas.

How to request a fatwa

The public can benefit from the Sharia fatwa services by calling the number 8002422 from within the United Arab Emirates, at the number 0097122052555 from outside the country, or via the SMS fatwa service at the number 2535.


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