Soothing Iftar: Some foods aid in calming our mind

Adequate rest is a must along with a healthy meal and good hydration

File tea
File tea

By Juliot Vinolia

Published: Fri 8 Apr 2022, 11:26 PM

A healthy meal and good hydration does not complete a healthy lifestyle without adequate rest. Lesser sleeping hours disturb one’s circadian rhythm, the clock keeps the hormones ticking during the day.

Sleep deprivation also affects our calmness and sanity. It is recommend to achieve at least 6 hours of good sleep every night without compromising on Suhoor the pre-dawn meal.

Some foods aid in soothing our body and calming our mind before sleep.

Remember to:

• Reduce the intake of caffeine containing drinks and food

• Avoid sugary foods 2 hours before sleep

• Consuming warm fluids can help relieve stress

• Avoid salty and fried foods

Easy to Digest Iftar Menu

Dates 2-3 nos with 300-500ml plain water


Healthy Falooda 1 cup (250ml) OR Low fat Greek yoghurt with walnut and berries of choice (1 cup)

Warm Starter: Chicken oatmeal soup 200ml

Appetiser: Grilled falafel (2 small)

Main course:

Oven roasted Salmon/Hammour/any fish of choice (100gm)

Roasted sweet potato with asparagus, carrots, broccoli, celery etc (1 cup)

Quinoa veg salad (1 cup)

Dessert: 3-5 Kiwi slices+3 banana slices with unsalted walnuts and drizzled with honey

Chamomile tea (1 cup)

Slowly sip 700ml to 1,000ml achieving hydration for the day

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