Ramadan 2022: Light meal at Iftar prevents muscle fatigue and headaches

End your fast with two to three dates and hydrate with plain water

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Published: Wed 13 Apr 2022, 8:48 PM

Last updated: Wed 13 Apr 2022, 10:30 PM

Being physically active this Ramadan is essential to keeping one’s mind and body healthy. A light meal with 30-40g of healthy carbs is suitable for Iftar to prevent muscle fatigue and headaches.

The first hour after exercise is the golden hour for glycogen recovery, and protein intake of 20-25g is recommended. Here are some tips:

• Moderate exercise must be done one hour after an Iftar meal

• Choose wholegrains for carbs

• Choose easy-to-digest, low-fat protein foods

• Remember to rehydrate with plain water

• Avoid excessive caffeine and energy drinks

Workout guide and Iftar menu

>> End your fast with two to three dates and hydrate with 300-1,000ml plain water

>> Rehydrate: Fresh coconut water or mixed-berries and almond milk smoothie with walnuts

>> Soup: 1 cup of lentil soup or chicken barley herb soup

>> Light meal: Egg roll with whole-meal bread or cheese vegetable sandwich or 1 cup of chicken fettuccine

>> After one hour: Do some stretching, followed by a light workout. Drink enough water to stay hydrated.

>> Post workout meal:

• 80-120g grilled chicken, with pita bread and hummus; and 3 roasted veg skewers

• Or baked or pan-seared fish fillet with sweet potato chips; 1 small plate of quinoa tabouleh cucumber with pecan nuts and cherry tomato

>> Dessert: One serving of banana peanut butter brulee, with chamomile tea

>> Slowly sip 700ml to 1,000ml of fluids to complete hydration requirements.

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