Ramadan in UAE: Municipality worker finds fasting rewarding despite working long hours under the sun

He says the cool breeze from the sea and the misty air keeps him feeling fresh throughout

By SM Ayaz Zakir

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Published: Fri 29 Apr 2022, 8:13 PM

Abdul Kalam often ends his fast on the lawns of Kalba beach in Sharjah, after a long, tiring day of working in the open.

The Bangladeshi, who has been working as a park-attendant for Kalba municipality for over 18 years, said that watering plants is a good deed that is pleasing to Allah, and during Ramadan he feels privileged to use his work as a form of worship. “Ramadan is a month of blessings, kindness and doing good deeds, and I am glad of doing it continuously during the holy month,” he said.

Kalam said Ramadan in the UAE in observed in a special way.

Pointing out how people help each other here not only during Ramadan, but throughout the year, Kalam said in the UAE people understand and appreciate the plight of the less fortunate and always reach out with a helping hand. “I enjoy fasting in the UAE. Muslims provide food and other necessities to the needy and it brings mental and emotional peace. For years now, a kind Emirati has been providing me with Iftar meals,” revealed Kalam.

The Bangladeshi said his favourite Iftar food includes lentil soup, fruits, dates, biryani, and juices.

Kalam’s day is quite interesting. He begins at 11am by watering the seven blocks of green lawns on the Kalba beach. However, in the midst of his duty, the Bangladeshi ensures that he performs the five daily obligatory prayers and recites the Holy Quran. “I make sure to finish watering 75 per cent of the lawns before my Asr prayers. Due to time-constraints, I offer my Salah on the lawns and also recite the Holy Quran here,” he said.

Kalam said that despite working in the sun, he does not find fasting to be tiring.

He says the cool breeze from the sea and the misty air keeps him feeling fresh throughout.


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