Ramadan in UAE: Fitness trainer shows how to keep energy levels high while fasting

Nutritious food and planning ahead is key to good health during holy month, he says


Sherouk Zakaria

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Supplied photo
Supplied photo

Published: Wed 20 Apr 2022, 8:08 PM

Fasting in Ramadan causes fatigue and exhaustion is just another myth, says Ahmed Magdy, as he continues to debunk the belief.

The UAE-based taekwondo trainer spends his day teaching martial arts to children under the age of eight, in addition to his own self-training.

“People take the holy month of Ramadan as an excuse to stop exercising, but Ramadan actually gives us energy,” said Magdy, a UAE resident for the past two years.

Planning the day ahead and preparing nutritious food are key to spending a healthy Ramadan.

“During the holy month, I wake up with a lot of energy.”

Magdy starts his day at 9am before exercising at 10am for two hours. He gives training sessions across different gym facilities in Sharjah and Dubai from 1pm until before Iftar.

“The one-hour gap between my exercises and sessions is the time I plan my Iftar,” said Magdy, who obtained his master’s degree in biomechanics from Turkey.

Vegetables, fruits, juices and whole-wheat carbs dominate his diet during Ramadan.

“I focus on the food that is easily digested. Protein and fluids are very important.”

Magdy breaks his fast with yoghurt and banana mixed with lemon and cinnamon before going for Maghreb prayers. He then continues Iftar with salads and whole wheat pasta.

“Betroot is another great source of energy. I have it every day in moderate portions because it increases iron absorption in the body,” said Magdy.


Oats, fruits and pumpkin with raisins, coconut and dates form Magdy’s Suhoor, which he has around 1am.

“Good nutrition is necessary all around the year, but particularly during Ramadan when we should supply our bodies with rich vitamins,” said Magdy.

The trainer and fitness enthusiast plans to devote the rest of holy month to boost his physical and spiritual wellbeing.


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