Iftar Review: A grand feast under the stars

The Iftar at OUMSIAT, a Ramadan experience at Courtyard Meydan, offers a mix of authentic Middle Eastern, Asian, and European dishes

Photos: Supplied
Photos: Supplied

Husain Rizvi

Published: Sun 10 Apr 2022, 3:35 PM

After a vibrant Dubai World Cup, here’s another reason for you to return to the Meydan Hotel: an exquisite Iftar experience under the stars featuring authentic Middle Eastern, Asian, and European dishes.

OUMSIAT, set amidst the Courtyard surroundings of the Meydan Hotel, is inviting guests to dine in a starry evening atmosphere, thanks to the twinkling canopy lights.

We tried the enormous Iftar buffet featuring over 30 salads, 6 live cooking stations, 18 buffet stations showcasing the best of Middle Eastern and international gastronomic highlights, as well as 24 mouthwatering desserts, and Ramadan juices . Suffice to say, we left impressed.

On our visit, the weather was quite unusual for late March; it was chilly as it was breezy and one would require a jacket if their outfit was worn keeping in mind the summer of Dubai. However, if you visit now, that should not be the case as temperatures have only soared in April.

Moving on from our forecast, and putting the focus where it belongs, the Iftar at OUMSIAT is a grand affair, visible from its setting and display of the seating arrangement and lights. It also features an indoor seating arrangement, but you wouldn’t want to miss the outdoor lights and vibe, which is also complimented by traditional Arabic music.

The grandeur of the buffet stations made for a memorable experience. The live cooking stations are brimming with energetic staff. There is also a dates section with an assortment of dates to choose from. However, we tried the appetisers first, pairing our hummus with a variety of Arabic and international bread on offer. For those fond of hot Mezze, we recommend the spring rolls and kibbeh. The buffet also features an Iranian corner, filled with a selection of cold Mezze, Iranian chicken soup, and main course dishes including Zereshk Polo and Adas Polo (if you’re health conscious with a craving for rice).

For the main course, we tried the Butter Chicken and a portion from the Grilled Whole Lamb Ouzi with saffron rice (live station), our go-to option among myriad dishes including continental favourites such as mixed grills, Wok noodles, Chicken Mandi, and more. We are excluding the rest so you can explore the variety of the buffet.

In the sweet section, there are 24 types of desserts. You’re spoilt for choices. It features favourites such as kunafa, baklava, caramel banana pudding and scores of Arabic desserts for you to devour. After the grand feast, guests can also enjoy shisha at the Farriers Terrace and in the Oumsiat Outdoor Courtyard for additional charges.

Dh199 per person inclusive of Iftar buffet and local bottled water, Ramadan Juices, Soft Beverages

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