As we bid farewell to Ramadan…

To enjoy the spirit of fasting and worship, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has highly recommended voluntary fasting throughout the year

By Aftab H. Kola

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Published: Sat 30 Apr 2022, 12:18 AM

Ramadan might conclude today or maybe we will have one more day.

It is time to say goodbye to this year’s blessed month and the unique worship season. Fasting during daytime, engaging deeply in prayers, including at night, reciting the Holy Quran, remembering Allah extensively (dhikr), giving charity generously, and making supplications were our daily routines during Ramadan.

It is time we opened our book of account to see whether we accomplished what was asked from us? Will we worship the Almighty and do good deeds with the same zeal after Ramadan?

Ramadan was the perfect month for seeking His mercy and forgiveness and seeking emancipation from Hellfire. Have we done that sincerely? These questions need answers. Going back to sins after Ramadan and becoming lazy in worship are among signs that our deeds may not have found favour with Allah.

Let us all pray that we will be among those fortunate ones who will get the next Ramadan. But then worship and doing good deeds and following Allah’s commandments are not confined to only Ramadan.

To enjoy the spirit of fasting and worship, Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon you) has highly recommended voluntary fasting throughout the year. He recommended us to fast for six days in Shawwal, the month that follows Ramadan, and three days every month.

We all felt the uplifting spiritual experience praying Tahajjud in Ramadan. If praying at night during Ramadan was so spiritually uplifting, then make it a habit throughout the year. Similarly, charity and feeding the poor are not confined to Ramadan. And reciting and contemplating over the Quran are not only for Ramadan, but for all times.

The blessed month provided us with a window of transformation and gave us an opportunity to change our actions, habits and manners according to what is desirable. It is up to us to bring that change which will facilitate our entry to Paradise. “Verily, Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” (Quran, 13:11) .

May Allah accept our fasting, all our ibadah and the righteous deeds. Ameen.

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