Canadian PM greets Muslims on Ramadan

Canadian PM greets Muslims on Ramadan

The prime minister also praised the activities of Islamic Relief.

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Published: Sat 24 Jun 2017, 1:50 PM

Last updated: Sat 24 Jun 2017, 3:56 PM

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wished Muslims a happy and blessed Ramadan. Islamic Relief Canada, an international NGO committed to alleviating poverty in over 30 different countries around the globe, in a tweet, thanked Trudeau for supporting the charity organisation.
"Thank you @JustinTrudeau for your valuable trust and support, and for commemorating the spirit of #Ramadan with our community," the organisation tweeted.
Trudeau said: "First I want to wish you a happy and blessed Ramadan. And say that this certainly in the spirit of Ramadan but also of our shared values as Canadians that we're generous that we're there for each other, that we think of those are not as fortunate and we help our brothers and sisters. That is what's extraordinary about this country.that's extraordinary about the values we share.
And it's what we're celebrating in Ramadan and as we celebrate in this holy month.
Trudeau also talked about the need to make communities better.
"The fact is that we come together, that we reflect on how we can make a difference not just today but every day. And making communities better, safer places where people are more welcomed, more understood is absolutely essential.

"As always, right here I'm horribly biased because we're in my wonderful riding of Papineau but everywhere in Canada you can see it. We have made difference a source of strength.
Not a source of weakness and everywhere around the world, people are challenged looking at fault lines, looking at differences, pushing back against people who are different. Because of fear, because of intolerance, ignorance. And the more we can do to show that we share values, to be there for each other, to respect each other, to build up a future that can be shared by all, the better world will build.
The prime minister also praised the activities of Islamic Relief.
"What Islamic Relief is doing, what you are all doing as volunteers and what everyone is reflecting on this holy month of Ramadan and in our daily lives as Canadians is something worth celebrating. So thank you very much, shukran, for letting me be a part of this."

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