Bollywood: Madhuri Dixit to make OTT debut with 'The Fame Game'

The thriller deals with the dark side of fame and the scandals in the cinema world


A Staff Reporter

Published: Sat 19 Feb 2022, 2:41 PM

Madhuri Dixit is on the ‘comeback’ trail – but then again, has she ever been away from acting?

Interacting with the media, Dixit laughed while expressing her annoyance with the word ‘comeback.’

Referring to the queries about her comeback every few years, Dixit said: "It happens and I always say, 'What are you talking about? I am always here'. I have always been working and in the public eye. So, talk of comeback is crazy."

The actress will be seen on streaming media for the first time, as she stars in the upcoming Netflix thriller The Fame Game. She plays the role of a Bollywood superstar, whose disappearance results in the unveiling of her past secrets.

Asked about her ‘OTT debut,’ Dixit said: “It's strange and yet it's true because there are so many different avenues and when you are doing it for the first time, you are debuting. And it's great that even after 35 years, I am debuting with something. It's wonderful because I'm like a child, like a student of cinema. I love learning. For me, it's a different language of making films, a different system."

The character in The Fame Game is not like her, she asserted.

"I'm not playing myself, I did that in a film called Dharavi, where I am Madhuri Dixit, who comes in Om Puri's dreams. There, I was playing myself. Here, it is a character I'm playing. Yes, the character has some experiences that I have like fame and being a big star. What she is actually going through is very different from me."


She admits she liked the idea and the whole script in general and also the concept of someone so famous suddenly disappearing.

The thriller deals with the dark side of fame and the scandals in the cinema world. "You hear a lot of things and you see stuff around, but you've never actually witnessed it,” she said. “For me, the script was very important and the way the characters were written.”

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