While Lebanon burns...

THE war on Lebanon has entered its 25th day. Israeli jets continue to pound the Mediterranean country indiscriminately targeting everything in their sight.

On Friday, yet another deadly air strike claimed 33 more civilian lives even as Hezbollah continues to fight back. But you do not have to be a military strategist to know that this is a hopelessly one-sided affair. While Hezbollah rockets rain on Israeli cities and scare the civilian population, they have failed to inflict any major loss of life or property on the Jewish state.

In contrast, Israel’s campaign against Lebanon has been calculated to unleash maximum damage on the vulnerable country and its equally defenceless population. Even the 24/7 coverage by Western and Arabic television networks has failed to highlight the extent of damage the three-week old war has caused Lebanon.

Years of hard work and investment that went into building the country from a scratch after the long civil war has been reduced to dust overnight.

But more disturbing than this annihilation of a whole country and its lively people is the continuing dithering of the international community in ending this war. The powers that control the UN are still debating yet another resolution calling for ceasefire even as the jets batter what remains of Lebanon. The US says it is close to a ‘deal’ with France on the resolution but differences persist over its "wording."

This is just incredible. While people are dying out there in their hundreds and desperately praying for some reprieve from the world community, it is debating the finer points and nuances of a UN resolution. Modern day Neroes fiddle while Lebanon burns.

Besides, what will this UN resolution achieve that so many others passed by the world body in the past have failed to achieve?

Honestly speaking, it is not the UN but the US, the sole superpower and the real player in the Middle East that can end this increasingly dangerous conflict. It goes without saying that as the host of the UN and the biggest world power, it is America’s muscle power that plays a key role in enforcing UN writ. In fact, the US support is crucial to the success or failure of any UN initiative or resolution.

Unfortunately, the great country that intervened to save millions from their certain death during the WWII and later in the Balkans by reining in the aggressor refuses to play its historic role once again. The land of the free has been taken over by the neo-cons and the all-powerful Israeli Lobby.

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