Uruguayan tips for Obama

The Uruguay president spelt out words of wisdom as he met his United States counterpart in Washington.

Jose Mujica, who is highly respected for his cherished values on human rights and socialism, had a piece of advice for Barack Obama as he wanted the Americans to look beyond its frontiers and embrace a pluralistic culture. What he meant was to focus on the backwater countries in America’s south and co-exist with their lingual preferences. The Uruguayan leader said the US would have to become a multilingual country, with its citizens learning Spanish, Portuguese and other Latin languages. This is no ordinary statement. Intellectuals and academicians in times to come can evaluate its essence by keeping in mind the problems that an assertive and arrogant world power faces due to demographic imbalances.

Obama, who praised Mujica as an undisputed leader on human rights in the entire Western hemisphere, apparently in the light of his courage to adopt five prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay, exhibited his political acumen as he avoided controversial issues between the two countries. Rather, he eulogised the small South American country’s services’ such as peacekeeping in Haiti and Africa. So did the White House guest as he didn’t pin-point imperialist fervour in the US foreign policy.

The saner side of their diplomacy should be reenacted when Obama rubs shoulders with other southern leaders of the continent, especially Cuba’s Raul Castro. Obama’s desire to cultivate cordial ties with his southern neighbours is up for test.

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