UAE's model of governance should be emulated by other countries

By Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi

Published: Sun 6 Jan 2019, 7:51 PM

Last updated: Sun 6 Jan 2019, 9:52 PM

The eight defining principles of governance for Dubai, endorsed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, corroborate the fact that the UAE will remain a role model for value-based leadership.
This Magna Carta, which has been in force for nearly five decades, has guided the UAE in myriad ways, ensuring development across fields and indices. The UAE's significant achievements have secured it a much-coveted status among the most advanced nations globally. This document sheds light on a significant aspect of the modus operandi followed by the country's great rulers and founding fathers who have spared no efforts to consistently secure fresh highs for their nation, ensuring social welfare and economic wellbeing for their people, despite all challenges and under all circumstances.
It goes without saying that justice is the basis of governance; it is the watchword for ensuring stability and prosperity for all. No one is above the law here, which is why the country has been a magnet for those seeking a prosperous, fair and stable life.
Sheikh Mohammed has rightly said that a country's growth is driven by three factors: a credible, resilient government; an active, fair and open private sector; and public and government flagship companies that compete globally and generate income for the government, jobs for citizens, and assets for future generations. These assets ensure supremacy for a nation among the best of the bests.
The UAE's rise on the global platform speaks volumes about the system of governance here. Every emirate adds to the vibrancy and dynamism of the nation. And Dubai, which consistently ranks among the top ten best places to visit on earth, derives its strength from the country's union.
Mohammed Jalal Al Rayssi is Director-General of the Emirates News Agency, WAM

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