UAE will drive the new Arab renaissance for the next 50 years

The Emirates, in fact, can be called the Middle East’s biggest influencer of the modern age

Photo by Neeraj Murali
Photo by Neeraj Murali

Fifty years young, the UAE is leading an Arab revival, a new renaissance, while embarking on a fresh journey of what will be more exciting than the first five decades since it was born on this day in 1971.

Looking back over the past five decades, it is clear that this country has exceeded expectations in a region that caught the world’s eye for historical conflicts, and later for oil.

The West took a fancy for the precious resource which bred more conflict and conflagration, but the UAE has been a singular triumph of the human spirit. This is a country that charted a different path during tumultuous years and remains a symbol of calm, unity and tolerance. It has endeavoured, strived and made the Middle East famous for more than just oil and conflicts – the pride and joy of the region, one may call it.

This country has explored far and wide for talent while digging deep into its reservoir of human potential. Indeed, it has struck gold with those who live and work here and has benefited from their entrepreneurship, adventure and hard work.

Over the years, the UAE has succeeded in creating a system of governance, rising above the sectarian strife and the war economy that has come to roil the region. It sought friendship over conflict and strife through compassionate, humanitarian action and diplomacy.

This is a people’s country, a friend to both friend and foe. This is a country that has made the world its neighbourhood in the true spirit of brotherhood. Thanks to the UAE, the Middle East is now viewed as a land of opportunity, and is seen beyond the prism of war and fuel.

This country is a harbinger of hope for the youth, it sets them free from the conflict past generations have endured from ideological hatred and religious divisions. It empowers women and makes them equal partners in nation-building.

The UAE, in fact, can be called the Middle East’s biggest influencer of the modern age for its liberal outlook, smart government and entrepreneurial population. But this great influencer is also open to global experience, best practices and influences. It sets the trends: in partnership, cooperation and compassion.

This country realises that peace is crucial in a region that is still struggling to rise above conflicts. And for peace and prosperity, it is investing heavily in education and technology while growing its knowledge economy.

The UAE knows that art and culture also play an important role in the new renaissance it is spearheading in the Middle East. Elevated thought and swift institutional action will power this country and its people into the next 50 years.

And with inspirational leadership to guide it, the future starts in the UAE.

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