There’s so much more of you

I was with a friend who was not paid for months, when a beggar came to his door asking for food and money.

By Dr. Waris H. Razvi (Life)

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Published: Sat 17 Sep 2011, 8:03 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 9:56 AM

He squirmed, mumbled something and told the beggar off as he had nothing to give. I suggested he could have given the discarded old lamp; the beggar would have sold it and got enough to feed his family. My friend admitted he had never looked at it that way.

People tend to do just that, and hardly ever go beyond the obvious. This happens when someone does not believe in self.

Life begins with dependency on the person who provides the initial support and we put our belief in that person. Then, as we learn to take a few steps on our own, we begin to believe in self. The process continues through life and only effective parenting inculcates the phenomenon of self-belief. Excessive pampering and harsh treatment both lead to quivering with insecurity.

Those who feel feeble inside and insecure should stop worrying and find out how they can unlock the vast potential they have.

Two factors that need critical consideration are; to believe in self and that there is abundance of potential in every human being that remains unutilised.

Victims of pseudo-self assessment conclude that they cannot perform; a thought that originates from negative suggestion hurled by family, friends or associates. People who do not perform, or refuse to perform, are not unable to perform but convinced of failure and thus avoid shameful defeat; declining to undertake is better and face saving,

Lack of confidence in self emanates from failure, being ridiculed and not being trusted.

The task that absorbs us totally in undertaking the personal journey to the fulfillment of dreams is the singular way to unlock all potential strengths. Goals must be realistic, achievable, yet challenging to ignite the determination to reach the destination.

Once the journey begins the momentum itself produces sufficient positive energy to keep on going. The initial start may consume a bit more energy but continuous motion requires a nominal amount to keep moving.

Implementation is fairly simple: we need to determine a key element that is critical to the accomplishment of goals. Then every day the burning plea to strengthen the required characteristic ignites the internal drive.

It is a fascinating process to observe the mind conducting an extensive search in abandoned corners to unlock and release a singular quality and put it to work. It is a blessing that once the potential is located and unleashed, the momentum keeps it progressing steadily.

At each evaluation interval, when the mind pauses to assess, the progress is definitely motivating and the motivation provides sufficient fuel to surge ahead. The pleasant surprise that one has a potential one never knew about, is so reassuring.

Having clearly decided ‘the person’ one wants to be, the path to developing beliefs is illuminated. It is then a matter of self discipline to behave and act as required.

The more we behave as ‘the person’ we want to be the more the chances of becoming ‘that person’. The person who wishes to become a teacher must start by behaving like one; helping the young with studies, imparting some basic education to the uneducated. As we behave like the person we want to be, our attitude aligns with that personality. The positive frame of mind works towards building the personality, and soon beliefs emerge to influence personal values.

All successful people do not necessarily have extraordinary qualities but are ordinary people like the rest of us. No matter how much time we spend seeking direction, the turning point in life is when we begin to believe in our own self; that we have the spark to lead us to accomplishment.

Just pause to ponder the person you want to become and live a life that you wish to; once you begin to think and act that way, all else shall fall in place effortlessly.

Dr. Waris H. Razvi is a freelance contributor

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