Salute to the valour and sacrifice of soldiers and martyrs

Published: Sat 30 Nov 2019, 8:29 PM

Last updated: Sat 30 Nov 2019, 10:31 PM

I was fortunate to visit 'Wahat Al Karama' on November 30 last year on Martyrs' Day. I had heard about the place, but wasn't familiar with it. Had seen it many a time though, whenever we passed by the Sheikh Zayad Grand Mosque.
On that day, we were greeted with a warm welcome, and we saw the parade that started at 5pm. Two men on horses lead the band of around 15 people with three uniformed soldiers from the navy, army, and air force. It was a beautiful evening and it felt calm and relaxing.
Wahat Al Karama is a timeless tribute to commemorate and honour the Emirati heroes who sacrificed their lives in the service of their country. The memorial is the centre piece of Wahat Al Karama, an imposing public art structure made of 31 massive leaning tablets. The symbolism behind the memorial is clear - each tablet leans against the other, portraying the unity, solidarity and mutual support that bind the leadership of the country, its citizens and residents with the service men and women who protect them.
Visitor centre is the eye catcher. It offers an interactive experience and gives all an opportunity to learn about the great foundations, the high principles, and the timeless noble values that embody all heroic martyrs.
We have always been taught to respect the soldiers and martyrs of all countries who sacrifice their lives for their country. Standing strong on the borders and at warfront, fighting all odds. They command high respect from all of us. Imagine a country without armies or soldiers. No peace around. No one safe. Wars and destructions. I feel sad for Syria, Yemen and so many other countries that are completely destroyed.
Herein, I feel privileged to have brave soldiers across our country keeping us safe and secured. Because of them we can sleep peacefully every day and lead a protected life.
A big salute to the soldiers and all the martyrs.
Lamiya Siraj is a freelance writer based in Abu Dhabi

By Lamiya Siraj

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