Remember, right guidance comes from Allah alone

LET us talk about benefits. Yes, we always look out for benefits. All the way from our early years to old age, we set objectives which bring about progress and profit. Even those who do not set objectives always daydream about what they want to be and the good life they wish to lead.

By Abid Ishaq

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Published: Fri 18 Aug 2006, 10:05 AM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 5:37 PM

Similarly, it is only natural to shy away from the slightest of things that cause pain or harm. No one wants to be on the receiving end of hardships. We then grasp that in order to benefit and to stay away from harm, we must define what is beneficial and understand what is harmful. We need to know whom to turn to, trust, and love so as to attain what is beneficial and make the right choice. At the same time, we need to go about setting tasks and utilising tools that guide us to the proper approach that assists in achieving this goal.

Certainly, we can have no better guidance than that which comes from the One Who had perfected everything, and the One who Has no deficiency in Himself and in His Attributes. The One Who is Ever-Living and Who does not die. There can be no One better than the One Who Has no need for anything; the One Who is rich; the Giver; the One who, after all, controls man’s soul. He is Allah, the True and only God. Man can bring harm to himself if he seeks other than Allah for help. Allah is the One Who can help man drive away any harm for it cannot occur without His Will and His Power.

Allah, The Most High, sent down His Books and chose His Messengers to guide generation after generation to recognise Him as The Lord as He explained about Himself, and to seek Him alone.

Knowing Allah’s Names and Attributes liberates man from worshiping any form of creation because creation is weak and is in need of The Creator, Allah. The knowledge about Allah leads man to know that he is created to live according to Allah’s way as revealed to the last messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him). This revelation contains a complete code of life. Everything that is beneficial or harmful is established so that we can center our lives around this Revelation. Along the way when we commit a wrong, we will know Allah to be oft-forgiving and would turn to Him and to Him alone seeking His forgiveness: "Know, therefore, that there is no God Who deserves to be worshiped except Allah; and ask forgiveness for your sins." (Quran, 47:19)

It is wrong to think or believe that Allah created other ‘gods’ besides Him so that man turns to them for help or even love them or fear them. He is the same, one and only God of all people. He does not order that people should make gods out of stars, sun, fire, Jesus, Moses, etc. There is none but Him. He (Most Exalted) cannot be ‘contradictory’. He has one way (religion) that calls man to surrender his will only to Him. The Creator has warned that if any of His creations (even Muhammad, peace be upon him) would take partners with Him, then it would be the biggest of losses:

"And verily, it had been revealed to you (O Muhammad) as has been revealed to those before you. If you join others in worship with Allah (then) surely (all) your deeds will be in vain and you will certainly be among the losers. Nay! But worship Allah and be among the grateful." (Quran, 39:65-66)

Dear readers, it is strange the way we are planning and setting objectives today to bring us more wealth and increase our worth today. Many people from the generations that the messengers were sent to before us also strove to increase their gains in this temporary abode at the expense of the everlasting life that Allah has promised to all. We need to pause and contemplate our objectives. Every good action with the intention of pleasing The Creator will lead to profit and the smallest of actions to please others lead to harm. May the Protector protect us from harm and guide us to what is beneficial to us. Amen.

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