Quiet, Karzai!

US PRESIDENT George Bush’s snub to his Afghan counterpart regarding the latter’s Iran-specific “positive role” remarks betrays the continuing hostile nature of the former’s foreign policy. Clearly, the Bush administration’s disregard for ground realities continues, especially if they run contrary to the neocon position.

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Published: Wed 8 Aug 2007, 8:21 AM

Last updated: Sun 5 Apr 2015, 12:51 AM

It is all but apparent that despite the repeated rhetoric, there is not going to be any policy reversals on the part of the Bush camp. And in sticking to their old position they fail to appreciate what Hamid Karzai has apparently grasped – that intrinsic progress is not possible without incorporating the help of all parties concerned.

In Afghanistan just as in Iraq, Iran has the potential to be a very big player, capable of taking on both positive and negative roles. And much about the direction of its involvement depends on how it is taken by the principal parties.

However, judging by reports from Washington, it seems the White House still considers the ‘who’ part of foreign relations more important than the ‘what’ part. Under the present dispensation, Washington seems convinced some states are good and others bad, regardless of their actions. Needless to say, this has not proved the wisest foreign policy to come from the United States in living memory.

More than anything, the west’s continuously dwindling fortunes in the so-called war against terrorism prove that its uncompromising unilateral approach has proved its undoing. Through the duration of the war, it has sidelined sane counsel and pressed ahead with its hegemonistic agenda. In doing more of the same, it does its own interests greater harm, in addition to the suffering people on the ground.

Instead of snubbing Karzai Bush should have taken a leaf out of his book. Things are not going to look better for all stakeholders till everybody is taken on board.

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