Proclaim the Palestinian State

Palestinians seem to have reached the optimum stage. Their, in principle, decision to move the United Nations to attain recognition for statehood is not without logic and due consideration.

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Published: Wed 20 Apr 2011, 9:27 PM

Last updated: Mon 6 Apr 2015, 6:45 PM

Having been treated as a non-entity for long and the so-called peace process merely proving to be a mirage, the new roadmap to declare an independent state of Palestine after soliciting the support from two-third of the member countries of the UN is justified. Whether they will be able to cross the bridge to unilaterally do that with or without the United States auspicious is anybody’s guess. But the very fact that the Palestinians are entitled to tread such a path comes on the heels of Washington’s pledge to see a two-state solution by the end of the year 2011, and broker a peace treaty with Israel. The onus is now on Tel Aviv to ensure that Palestinians are not pushed on the brink and an amicable solution is achieved to the territorial-cum-political discord in the region.

US President Barack Obama has a moment to seize. Incidentally, Obama’s target of September 2011 for a peace agreement coincides with his new strategy for the Middle East, wherein he now wants to support all of the uprisings in the region, and at the same time ensure that American interests are best served in the evolving new power equilibrium. In doing so, he cannot ignore anymore the Palestinian struggle, and especially, as his vision for the region has been time and again snubbed by Israel. Prime Minister Benjamin’s Netanyahu’s adamant attitude, coupled with the patronage of the neo-cons that his hardline government enjoys, has come as an anti-thesis to Obama’s electoral promise for a ‘change’.

Now with the Palestinian statehood infrastructure and governmental institutions effectively in order, as acknowledged by the World Bank and the IMF, any further delay in proclaiming the state will result in furthering chaos and anarchy in the region. What needs to be understood is the fact that Palestinian issue is not a riddle in isolation, and is inadvertently related to the wider prospects of peace and tranquility. Almost all of the radicalism in the yesteryears has been owing to the saga of occupation and encroachment of Palestinian lands by Israel, and cannot be undone until and unless the Jewish state concedes territory back to the Arab states.

It would be prudent of the White House to make the 2002 Arab Peace Plan as a salient feature of discourse and strategy while compelling Israel to sign on the dotted line. A comprehensive plan of action that guarantees Muslim world’s recognition to Israel in lieu for an independent and viable Palestinian state is not a bad deal. Yet, the Palestinians who have endured trouble and tragedies for long should not keep all their eggs in one basket. Going ahead and proclaiming an independent state over their lost lands is their fundamental birthright. There shouldn’t be any second thoughts on it.

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