New hopes over N. Korea issue

NOT much time is left for the countries that are dealing with the North Korean issue to prepare for the decisive round of talks, which could harbinger a happy end to this crisis, which will bring a sigh of relief to everybody. But, a failure in finding a solution will cause fresh worries over North Korea’s plans. Six-way talks are to be held in Beijing on February 25, and the North Korean leadership seems to be in a mood to discuss and thrash out issues for a final settlement. The countries involved in the talks are Japan, Russia, China, and the US, apart from North and South Koreas. Although analysts are of the opinion that no agreement would be signed, it is necessary to give a push to positive initiatives, which came from the US and North Korea over the last few months.

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Published: Thu 5 Feb 2004, 12:32 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 1:14 AM

Such initiatives could serve as a base for a comprehensive agreement. Pyongyang showed readiness to renounce its programmes relating to nuclear arms and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) if Washington is ready to sign with it a treaty of non-aggression. The latter expressed intentions about the possibility of issuing “guarantees” against the launch of an offensive against North Korea. Although the treaty is different from a guarantee in terms of law and process, the objective of both is one, which is that every party should undertake to implement and enforce each commitment. The difference of viewpoints in the six-way talks in dealing with this crisis is the way that will lead to the success of the talks, and provide the opportunity to facilitate a compromise. It has always been a custom for people to agree for compromises to overcome crises, whereby there is neither a victor nor a vanquished, but parties concerned will have come out fully to make a success of their efforts.

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