Malala inspires and empowers the young

Malala's mission to kindle the flame of knowledge continues to burn bright.

Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Laureate and the youth face of the fight to ensure right to education for the girl child, is visiting the UAE. A keynote speaker at Investing in the Future (IIFMENA), she made clear her aspirations to be the Prime Minister of Pakistan some day. Known for her eloquence and grit, Malala's words have received global audience. Women emancipation and the empowerment of girls through education have been the twin focus of the 19-year-old Pakistani activist, who shot into global limelight after the Taleban attacked and grievously injured her in 2012. While she narrowly cheated death, Malala came back stronger and even more determined. Her activism took her places - from small one-room schools in Africa to the august halls of the UN - speaking about the urgency around women's rights as well as children's rights. Malala started a fund - The Malala Fund - with the aim of raising girls' voices and ensuring every girl has access to 12 years of free, safe, quality primary and secondary education. Writing tirelessly in newspapers, she seldom shied away from voicing her support to girls' education. This followed the coveted Nobel Prize for Peace in 2014 - the youngest-ever laureate at age 17. Not allowing the global fame and adulation to affect her, Malala continued with her message to empower women and help them realise their dreams. Speaking earnestly to the girl students of Omar Bin Al Khattab Pakistani Islamia High School in Ajman, the Nobel laureate said: "It is so great to see girls with passion and commitment for education. It is important for girls to believe in themselves, get an education and help their countries to develop. Girls form more than half of the world's population and it is important to have their participation in the society." Malala's mission to kindle the flame of knowledge continues to burn bright.

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