Make yourself the 'minister' of your destiny

By Ahmed Omar Balhamar

Published: Fri 27 Sep 2019, 9:26 PM

Last updated: Fri 27 Sep 2019, 11:27 PM

Every morning, we make our way to work hoping to give back to the community and spend enough time and effort to make a little difference to people.
Ambition is a great quality every hard worker and distinctive employee should have.
Unfortunately, not everyone gets this opportunity, whether these opportunities are related to salary increase or positions that only add "prestige" to those seeking it. Reaching high and prestigious positions has become the sole focus for many, though their intentions and purposes may vary.
Speaking for myself, achieving my goals satisfies my need for progress and assures me that I am on the right path. Be sure however, that many of your colleagues have not gotten their fair share of chance and luck did not smile on them. Though this path is difficult, do not let that frustrate you and stop you from achieving your goals. As an experienced employee in this field, I know what it's like to replay the same melody over and over without change of tone. You might grow tired but soon you will return with the same positive spirit and enthusiasm.
Do not let lack of appreciation at work disappoint you and hurt your self-esteem. Here is my secret recipe which doesn't need money, decisions, or committees; I often treat myself as a minister and see myself as one of the excellencies. Whenever I don't feel appreciated enough at work, I promote myself, by myself.
This decision has filled my ego and urged me to carry on working with the same rhythm if not even more. Every morning before I leave for work, I look at my own reflection in the mirror and see myself as a minister rather than an ordinary employee.
This however, does not mean you have to act with arrogance. Seeing myself as no different has enabled me to learn from other's experiences because you don't learn and follow those who are less than you.
Appreciate yourself and don't wait for others to show you your value. Respect and learn from others without exception.
- The writer is an architect based in Abu Dhabi

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