Leave a little sparkle wherever you go

Be more aware of what’s going on and live in the moment. You will naturally be happier, which will rub off on others.

By Shilpa Bhasin Mehra

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Published: Mon 17 Oct 2022, 8:14 PM

As the Indian festival of Diwali approaches, we get so many beautiful wishes and cards. One quote that resonates with me is this: “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go.” It means doing something that endures, that people remember you for. It is not about your personality, it’s what you do with your life and how you make a difference in people’s lives that matters.

Last month, I received a call from a former colleague I knew from ten years ago. There was a vacancy in his current company and he asked if I would be interested. He spoke about what he remembered me for. I was dumbstruck by his kind words and excellent memory, and I was reminded of this quote of leaving a little sparkle wherever you go. It’s a lovely expression, and it makes you feel as though you have something to offer this world.

I don’t expect to save the world, I just want to do simple things that will make my life, and occasionally others’ lives a little better. There are simple things that we can do, to make our lives and the space around us (including other people) more pleasant.

Laughter is an understated virtue. You don’t have to be a comedian to make people laugh. Make others laugh by the things you say or do. If you get someone to smile then you would have instantly improved their day.

See the good in others. No one wants to be around people who always criticize and gossip about others. Also, people will become wary of you and won’t be willing to trust you. Remember it’s no fun being constantly bitter.

For instance, volunteering for a cause that you feel strongly about can bring you great satisfaction, and it gives your life more meaning. People will want to hear your stories and will be inspired by your contribution to important causes.

Confidence is a show-stopper for me, and it obviously has a big impact on the amount of sparkle you have. When someone is confident, it clearly shines through and others notice. So be that person who is always on hand to help. Be there for your friends in their time of need, and help strangers who are struggling. Helping others will make you feel good whilst also leaving a clear trail of sparkle. People naturally want to be around positive people, because it makes them feel positive and chirpy too. Negative people are energy vampires and they make you want to keep your distance.

You know what people really need when they are feeling down. They want someone who will truly listen. We all tend to talk too much, rather than listen to what other people have to say. Being able to lend an ear is a very valuable skill. Be more aware of what’s going on and live in the moment. You will naturally be happier, which will rub off on others.

One of the best things you can do to leave a little sparkle wherever you go is to compliment people. Everyone loves a compliment. It’s surprising just how much simple praise can improve someone’s day. It doesn’t take much to say one nice thing to the person you meet. Try it and see the reactions you get.

These are some of the things that I enjoy doing, so I thought of sharing them with you. But if you have to make a little effort, I promise you the results will be rewarding. Remember, you don’t have to eat diamonds for breakfast to shine all day. So, in the festive season of lights (and after that too), go ahead and leave your sparkle wherever you go.

Barack Obama says it so well, "Don't wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

Shilpa Bhasin Mehra is an independent legal consultant based in Dubai.


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