KT edit: Women judges put the UAE in a different league

The UAE is at a seminal juncture as it looks to build a knowledge economy.

Since the formation of the UAE in 1971, the leaders have been mindful of the role women can play in the development and progress of society. Right from early schooling days to university education and beyond, the government has taken various steps to encourage girls and women to realise their potential, and called for their participation in all spheres of life and work. Efforts have been made to ensure their skills and talents get due recognition at different places of work. The recent news of appointment of two female judges at the Federal level is another case in point. It is the first time that women will hold these crucial positions in the UAE. The elevation of judges Khadeeja Khamis Khalifa Al Malas and Salamah Rashid Salem Al Ketbi isn't just a celebration of their hard work and potential, but an inspiration for many other Emirati girls who look up to these women and dare to dream big. Also, presence of women judges at the highest levels in judiciary exhibits inclusiveness.
The UAE is at a seminal juncture as it looks to build a knowledge economy. It wants its youth to drive its growth, and it would be possible only when women are on a par with men in terms of education and participation. Therefore, there is an increasing thrust on higher participation of women in the Federal National Council. The aim is to have 50 per cent women in the upcoming parliamentary terms. In a region where statistics on girl child education and women empowerment are not very impressive, the UAE has been a guiding light. And Emirati women have made stellar contributions in various fields and careers. Empowering women is key to social transformation. Only when women have the power to shape their own future, can they take decisive action and bring out the best in them. The age-old proverb is true: If you educate a man, you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate a family.

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