KT Edit: UAE's spirit of hope this National Day

Hope is never in short supply in the UAE. In fact, the virtue soars in the country that is 48 years young. On National Day that hope is manifested in celebration, festivities, and joy.
Hope inspires confidence in people, hope promotes co-existence, hope helps us marvel at life; hope, above all, is the spirit of life itself. Without hope, all is lost. Hope spells ambition, hope never gives up, hope helps us survive the odds. Indeed, the UAE is a beacon of hope in the Middle East that has been facing many political and economic storms. On National Day, that hope shines forth for people from all corners of the world.
The UAE's hope unites, it connects, it makes people live together in harmony. This hope symbolises tolerance and amity and is a template for modern nations.
Even the UAE's Mars project has been named Mission Hope. The UAE had succeeded as a nation because the founding fathers were always hopeful things would turn around for this country from the day it was born. There was fresh optimism and there was openness. A closed country would mean isolationism and geopolitical claustrophobia. This country would welcome the world and the world would welcome it. There would be free flow of trade and people-to-people contacts. They would build from scratch despite the harsh elements of the sun, sand, and the winds. These elements would shape the future powerhouse that this country has become today. They have turned friends from back in December 2, 1971, when this country was born. The UAE is an aviation, maritime, and trade hub. It has made its mark over land, sea, and air. It is among the best connected countries in the world and the desert did not deter its expansion. Space was conquered this year with the country's first astronaut Hazzaa AlMansoori making a trip to the International Space Station. Space ports are being planned in the country and a Mars mission is in the works. The UAE is discovering its infinite potential and remains hopeful for a bright future while other countries look to dig up past rivalries and hurt. Hope helps this country move forward and innovate while others stagnate and remain in the morass. The past is not forgotten but directs and sustains this country's spirit. The past gives the UAE hope for the future.
Nothing is impossible when the leadership and people persevere. We did it then, we can do it now. The cycle of hope is endless in the UAE. Hope remains fresh and keeps this country strong. It keeps it united and happy. May it be the message for this National Day and many more.

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